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University of Colorado Denver | Anschutz Medical Campus

University of Colorado Denver


Hamid Fardi, Ph.D.


  • Spring 2010:  EE 5005 - VLSI Device Modeling
  • Spring 2010:  EE 5555 - VLSI Circuit Simulation
  • Fall 2009:  EE 4025 - Device Electronics
  • Course Descriptions

    • EE 3215. Electronics I
      The learning objective is fundamental semiconductor theory as applied to electronic circuits. Topics include: semiconductor theory, P-N junctions and diode applications, power supply design, transistor (BJT) theory and applications, low-frequency amplifiers, FET and MOSFET devices.
    • EE 4025. Device Electronics
      A course relating performance and limitations of solid state devices to their structures and technology. For both advanced circuit and device engineers. Semiconductor physics and technology, pn-junction and MOS devices used in modern integrated circuits.
    • EE 5005. VLSI Device Modeling
      Explores digital integrated circuit design including MOS processing steps, physical operation, building blocks of digital circuits, advanced nMOS, pMOS and CMOS circuit design, silicon VLSI technology and circuit and chip level. SPICE and lay-out Editor are used. The physical relationship between circuit design and actual silicon layout and structure and technology are emphasized.
    • EE 5555. VLSI Circuit Simulation
      Computer methods for large integrated circuits. Theory and practice of VLSI circuit simulation. Nodal formulations of networks. Computer generation of sensitivities. Modeling active devices. DC solution of nonlinear networks.

    Microelectronics and VLSI courses at University of Colorado Denver

    • EE 5005. VLSI Device Modeling
    • EE 5025. Device Electronics
    • EE 5174. Industrial Power Electronics
    • EE 5455. Numerical Analysis of Semiconductor Devices
    • EE 5501. Microprocessor-based Design
    • EE 5522. VLSI System Design
    • EE 5555. VLSI Circuit Simulation
    • EE 5xx5. Fabrication Lab
    • EE 5xxx. Quantum Electronics

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