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University Webmail and Email Support

University of Colorado Denver

Windows Outlook

Share an Outlook calendar with other people

Share your calendar in an email 

1. Click Calendar.

Calendar command          

2. Click Home > E-mail Calendar.

On the Home tab, click E-mail Calendar 

3. In the Calendar and Date Range boxes, pick the calendar and time period you want to share. For example, choose Today only or for the Next 7 days.

In the Calendar and Date Range boxes, pick the options you want        

4. Set any other options you want, and then click OK.

5. In the new email that opens, add who you want the message to go to in the To field, add a message if you want, and click Send.

6. The person you sent your calendar to will see a snapshot of your calendar in the message. 

Example of a calendar shared in an email    
The message also includes an attached iCalendar (.ics) file that they can open in Outlook or another calendar program. When the recipient clicks the iCalendar file, Outlook displays the file as a new calendar that they can view side-by-side with their calendar. They can drag appointments or meetings between the two calendars, and find a time that works for both of you.
Change permissions after you have shared your calendar with other people
You can change calendar sharing permissions.
1. Click Calendar.
Calendar command 
2. Click Home > Calendar Permissions.
Calendar Permissions button in Outlook 2013 Home tab 
3. On the Permissions tab, make any changes to the calendar sharing permissions.
Calendar Sharing Permissions tab in Outlook 2013 
4. Click OK
Permission Settings:
Create, read, modify, and delete all items, and create subfolders. Can change the permission levels that other people have for the folder. 
Publishing Editor
Create, read, modify, and delete all items and create subfolders. 
Create, read, modify, and delete all items.
Publishing Author
Create and read items, create subfolders, and modify and delete items and files that you create. (Does not apply to delegates.)
Create and read items, and modify and delete items and files that you create.
Non-Editing Author
Create and read items s only.
Read items only.
Create items only. The contents of the calendar do not display. 
Free/Busy Time, Subject, Location
See free/busy time as well as the subject and location of items. Cannot Create Files and can only read this basic information, not the full files.
Free/Busy Time
See free/busy time only.
No permission. You cannot open the calendar.

2.   Instructions to open shared calendar

Step 1.    Click on calendar 


 Step 2.    Click on Open Calendar>From Address Book…addressbook.png 

Step 3.    Type in the name of the person or shared calendar you want to open, highlight their name and click the Calendar button and the user’s name will display underlined in the text box to the right.calendaradd.png

Step 4.    Click OK and the calendar will now display in the left-hand navigation pane.


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