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Microsoft Outlook 2011 for Mac Adding another mailbox

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Microsoft documentation on opening a shared calendar, address book, or e-mail folder.
1.  If you have been granted permissions to a shared mailbox you will need to add the mailbox manually in Outlook 2011.  
Step 1.     First check the version of Outlook 2011 you are running by launching Outlook, clicking on the Outlook menu in the top left of the screen and clicking on ‘About Outlook’ from the drop down menu.
Step 2.     If the version number is not 14.4.5, click OK then click on the Help menu from the Menu bar at the top and click on ‘Check for Updates’.  If you have the most recent version then proceed to step 4. 
Step 3.     Click on the ‘Check for Updates’ button in the bottom right corner and install any updates that are available.  All Office 2011 applications will need to be closed. 
Step 4.     To add a secondary mailbox click on the Tools drop-down menu from the Menu bar at the top and click on ‘Accounts…’ 
Step 5.     Click on the + symbol in the bottom left corner in order to add another mailbox and choose the ‘Exchange…’ option. 
Step 6.     A new window will appear ‘Enter your Exchange account information.’  For the email address field enter in the email address of the shared resource mailbox you have been granted access too.  Leave the Method option as is, for the User name and Password fields enter in your personal email address and University password.  Leave the Configure automatically box checked. 
Step 7.     Once Outlook is able to communicate with the Exchange servers you will get a pop-up window indicating that ‘Outlook was redirected to the server….’  You will need to check the box ‘Always use my response for this server’ and click the Allow button. 
Step 8.     The secondary mailbox will now be displayed in the list of accounts on the left-hand side.  Change the Account description field to how you would like the account to display in Outlook. 
Step 9.     The newly setup account will now display under your default email account with its own set of folders. 
Step 10.   When working in the shared resource mailbox and you click the ‘E-mail’ button, Outlook will default to sending as that account (if you have been granted the Send-As privilege).  You can always change the account you send from by clicking the ‘From’ drop-down menu and selecting the e-mail account you would like to send from. 

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