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Frequently Asked Questions

Basic Life Support (BLS) for Health Care Providers

​These​ are frequently asked questions about the Basic Life Support (BLS) classes​ offered by the Office of Campus Student Services at CU Anschutz.​​

 Q. Do I need to be a healthcare provider to take this course?

A. No, you do not as anyone can take this course. The BLS course has a higher certification level than that of a typical CPR class. This course will cover CPR, use of an AED, and relief of choking for all ages.​​


 Q. What is the age requirement to be certified?

A. Individuals must be 18 years of age or older to participate.2

 Q. Does this BLS course meet my needs for certification?

A. Please speak with your department/school/college/program to confirm if this course qualifies for your certification requirements.​​3

 Q. Do you offer the recertification course?

A. We do not offer the recertification course; however, many people continue to take our course due to its convenience of being on campus and its competitive pricing. If you still wish to take a recertification course only, you may visit our Training Center’s website at​ for more information to join a class with Rocky Mountain CPR and First Aid.​4

 Q. Why can’t I see all of the scheduled classes in the registration form?

A. Classes fill quickly and if you are unable to find them in the registration form that means those classes are full.​​5

 Q. Is there a waitlist we can be put on if a class opens up?

A. Unfortunately, we do not waitlist.  ​​6

 Q. Can we pay with a CU Speedtype?

A. We are unable to process speedtypes to pay for courses.  Ask your supervisor (or equivalent of) if you can be reimbursed for this training.  The confirmation email you will receive upon successful completion of your registration will include payment information that can be used as a receipt for reimbursement.​7

 Q. Can we reschedule?

A. Yes, but we require that you modify your registration at least 48 hours prior to your course date. Classes fill and we want to provide any available seats to those who can attend. To cancel, call 303-724-2866, refunds will be decided on a case-by-case basis.  Please note, the last class of a calendar year can neither be rescheduled nor refunded. If you are scheduled to attend this class you may cancel up to 4 days prior to the class but a refund may not be offered.​​​​8

 Q. Is there any work required prior to the course?

A. No, you do not need to do any prerequisite work before the scheduled date of your class.​9

 Q. If I want to pick up a book before the course, can I do so?

A. Yes, you can stop by the Office of Campus Student Services located at: Education 2 North, suite 3200, 13120 E 19th Avenue, Aurora, CO 80045.  Please call the office at 303-724-2866 before coming by, to ensure someone can assist you with your request.​​10

 Q. Are classes canceled?

A. We try our hardest to ensure that a class is not canceled.  Classes will only be canceled if the CU Anschutz Medical Campus has been closed due to weather or other circumstances.  If the Campus doesn’t close due to weather, we will make our decision on a case-by-case basis.  Please call us if you have any concerns.​11

 Q. I don’t have anyone that can watch my child(ren). Can I bring them?

A. The Physical Therapy Program does not allow children into the lab for various reasons.  If you need to reschedule, call us at 303-724-2866.​​12

 Q. Why are classes only offered in the evenings?

​A. Our BLS classes are instructed by volunteer students from the Physical Therapy Program.  Student Instructors are in class during the day, and the course is held in a Physical Therapy Program lab that is used for student instruction.13

 Q. Are there breaks to eat?

A. Breaks are not provided for eating purposes.  Please eat before class starts as food and drink are not allowed in the lab.14

 Q. Does the course end at 9:30 pm or do we get out earlier?

A. The timing of the class depends on the knowledge of the attendees as well as any unforeseen circumstances such as technical difficulties.  Even when there are issues, the class rarely lasts until 9:00 pm and will typically release around 8:30 pm.​15

 Q. How long will it take for me to receive my certification card?

A. Cards are emailed within two business days from when our Training Center receives the course documentation.  The instructors are required to turn in their paperwork as soon as they can.  Cards will be emailed to the email address each attendee signed in with at the beginning of the course.16

 Q. How can I get a new card sent to me?

A. Please contact Rocky Mountain CPR and First Aid at 303-768-8088 to request a new card.  They will need your course date and instructor name that can be found in your confirmation email you received upon registering.  If unable to locate,  please call the Office of Campus Student Services at 303-724-2866 to request this information.​​​ If you have questions regarding classes prior to January 2019, please call the Office of Alumni Relations at 303-724-2518 to request this information.​​​​​17

 Q. By taking this course, what does our money support?

A. Our Basic Life Support for Healthcare Providers course is a fundraiser to support student programming provided by the Office of Campus Student Services. The Office of Campus Student Services supports this endeavor by providing the logistical needs of running such a program.​18

 Q. What is the cost to attend?

A. The cost to attend depends on your affiliation with the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus. CU Anschutz Students are $50, Faculty/Staff are $60, and those who don't have an affiliation are $70. If you are unsure of your affiliation​, call us at 303-724-2866. ​​​​19