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Criteria for IOCP Submission

Required & Recommended

Required criteria:

Programing is intended for interprofessional audiences

  • ​​​​​​​No specific profession is targeted or excluded. At a minimum, programming must be applicable to the health professions located on the CU Anschutz Campus served by the CU CIPE (The Anesthesiologist Assistant Program, College of Nursing, School of Dental Medicine, School of Medicine, School of Pharmacy, School of Public Health, Physical Therapy Program, and the Physician Assistant Program).
  • Programming should be appropriate for students of all stages of training. The majority of IOCP participants are incoming first-year health professional students.
​Programing is co-curricular in nature

  • Programing should complement the professional development of learners and professionals
  • Programming may complement, align, or be integrated into existing curricular elements of an established degree or certificate program; however, students may not earn curricular credit or receive financial incentives through participation. 
  • Partners may not collect a fee for participation nor provide monetary compensation to the participation
  • Partners may offer participants certificates of completion​

Recommended criteria:

Programing is engaging

  • Opportunities for peer-to-peer engagements, discussion, activities, etc are highly encouraged! 
  • If using a seminar format (e.g. a speaker presenting to a large group), active learning strategies such as polling the audience, think-pair-shares, case discussions, and so forth are highly encouraged!

Programing offers desired skills

  • Learners appreciate opportunities to learn new skills, scripts (e.g. communication prompts), and more in-depth understanding of challenges likely to be faced in practice. These can be clinical or non-clinical in nature.​

​Programing reinforces interprofessional collaboration
  • Programing uses appropriate and inclusive interprofessional language <link to Creating Programing for Interprofessional Audiences>
  • Programing highlights the diverse roles and responsibilities of different professions and/or demonstrates the shared nature of roles and responsibilities common to multiple professions

Programing aligns with the IOCP theme

  • All programing proposals are welcome, including those programs previously featured by past IOCP menus. Proposals aligned with the current them are highly encouraged!​

Before proceeding with an IOCP Submission Proposal please refer to Guidance for Creating Interprofessional Offerings​