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Alumni Profiles

Denver Campus alums are out there—creating, succeeding, volunteering, winning, championing, living... read a few stories and send us your own update. More stories and updates on the university can also be found in our alumni publication, CU on the Horizon.

Nina Conley and Margarita Blanco

Nina Conley helps launch a new urban education program

In 2010, Nina Conley, MA '10, teamed up with Margarita Bianco, PhD, an assistant professor in the University of Colorado Denver’s School of Education and & Human Development, to launch “Pathways2Teaching,” an ambitious pilot program aimed at addressing what the two see as an urgent need to boost the number of teachers of color in Colorado.

Andy Guerrero

Music Business graduate and Flobots guitarrist Andy Guerrero - the power of music as an agent of change

Guitarist Andy Guerrero started his first band while still in high school, and he got his first taste of the rock-and-roll hustle by encouraging friends—including aspiring rappers Stephen Brackett and Jamie Laurie—to see his band’s early gigs. These days, Guerrero, Brackett and Laurie are better known by their Flobots names, Andy Rok, Brer Rabbit and Jonny 5. Along with Mackenzie Gault, Jesse Walker and Kenny Ortiz, the group has turned its musical prowess into a wildly popular hip-hop band. When they’re not onstage, they’re building a Denver nonprofit designed to channel their fame and good fortune into grassroots organizing.


Executive MPA graduate rolls up his sleeves in an emergency

Executive MPA graduate rolls up his sleeves in an emergency

It’s evident upon meeting Dean Moyer that when it comes to staying calm during an emergency, he’s the right man for the job. Moyer has that solid quality on which people can depend.

Jamie Van Leeuwen

Jamie Van Leeuwen takes his public policy experience to the capitol

Jamie Van Leeuwen earned a PhD in public policy from SPA in 2007 when he was executive director of Denver’s Road Home, Mayor Hickenlooper’s Ten Year Plan to End Homelessness.

In May 2010, John Hickenlooper tapped Van Leeuwen to become the policy czar for his gubernatorial campaign. Then, in January 2011, Van Leeuwen became Hickenlooper’s new policy advisor and policy director for health, human services and education.

Karolina Villagrana

Karolina Villagrana is gaining experience and inspiration through Teach for America

Psychology graduate Karolina Villagrana is among 4,500 2010 graduates to participate in Teach For America (TFA), a highly com­petitive program that places fresh-faced college grads with a variety of educational back­grounds into two-year teaching positions at inner-city schools. She currently works not far from one of Kansas City's rougher neighborhoods, teaching Spanish to students mired in poverty and violency, but hungry to learn.

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