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University of Colorado Denver

University of Colorado Denver - Undergraduate Viewbook

Meet our Faculty

Think about creating a network of interesting mentors.

Our faculty are driven by student success. They live for the “aha” moment. They relish questions, debate and lively conversation. They respect diversity—in people, opinions, backgrounds and approaches to learning. And they are passionate about sharing what they know and continuing to learn. Many are involved in their field outside of teaching, which gives you access to the latest and most relevant trends, whatever your area of study.

Stefanie Johnson, PhD

Assistant Professor of Management, Business School
I teach leadership at CU Denver, and my students bring with them so many great and unique experiences that have prepared them for roles as tomorrow’s leaders. My classes help them discover their own strengths.
Being in an urban environment exposes my students to so many opportunities. We have amazing partnerships with Denver businesses. And the new Business School building at 15th and Lawrence is amazing! We teach students applicable, real-world skills that they can use on a daily basis rather than just teaching them to memorize facts.
Today’s current events and how they affect my students. Connecting them to internships. New ways to make business come to life.

Jose Mercado

Assistant Professor, College of Arts & Media
I teach Intro to Theater, Directing and Acting, and I love watching young actors develop over the course of a semester. This is an exciting campus with a mix of students who are all gifted, ambitious, passionate and inquisitive.
Denver is developing into a major player on the national arts scene, and studying for a career in theater and film at our campus is perfect. We have a myriad of cultural options nearby. We can walk to the theater district or take the bus up Colfax to an international film festival. Inspiration is only blocks away!
Preparing for rehearsal. Looking forward to my students’ performing “autodramas.” Coaching student auditions.

Callie Marie Rennison, PhD

Associate Professor, School of Public Affairs
Winner of the SPA 2011-12 Excellence in Teaching Award
Students enter my Research Methods and Statistics classes apprehensive about these difficult topics, but they leave excited about the material. That’s a great feeling. I also teach undergraduate courses in Criminal Justice, Crime and the Media and Murder in America. My students are engaged and eager—genuinely interested in learning more.
I was a first-generation college student who worked and paid for all of my college education. I know what it is like to navigate the university setting [without family support] so I try to help facilitate my students’ journey.
Completing a chapter of my book. Meeting with students to help guide their game plan. Admitting I’m a “research-aholic.”

Kevin Rens, PhD, PE

Professor and Department Chair, College of Engineering and Applied Science
Winner of the 2011-12 Excellence in Faculty Mentoring Award
I teach undergraduate and graduate structural analysis and design courses. I’ve been at CU Denver for over 17 years, and I love that today’s students are a mix of traditional and nontraditional students, with more students than ever choosing our university right out of high school.
The urban setting of CU Denver is perfect for my area of expertise. My research involves inspecting, rating and maintaining the 600-some bridges located within the city and county of Denver. Our hands-on learning environment means students get practical lessons mixed with cutting-edge scholarly research.
Scheduling students to join me on the downtown bridge project. A lunch/mentoring session with a student. Triathlon training.

Andrés Lema-Hincapié,  PhD

Assistant Professor of Ibero-American Literatures and Cultures, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
I teach Ibero-American literature, cinema and culture, and I mainly focus on works from Colombia and Argentina. I LOVE the subjects I teach. They are ways to explore, understand and critique humankind.
My students at CU Denver show an extraordinary passion for knowledge and an enduring patience for learning. Many of them join me to study abroad in Buenos Aires for the summer through the Amigos del Sur program—truly a life-changing experience. Our professors have an endless passion for teaching and knowledge, and our administration is devoted to supporting staff, faculty and students.
The next great work of literature I want to share with my class. Meeting with students who are interested in studying abroad.

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