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Undergraduate Admissions at CU Denver

Undergraduate Admissions: University of Colorado Denver

High School students

It is never too soon to prepare for college

High School Students

You have been preparing for college your entire life—whether you realize it or not! Curiosity about the world around you, your family heritage and early experiences—even creative play—have helped you become the student you are today. But as a middle- or high-school aged student, there are concrete ways you can prepare for college or university success.

In middle school:

  • get to know yourself—start assessing your strengths and interests
  • seek guidance from counselors and teachers about available course options
  • explore subjects of interest
  • try something new
  • if recommended by your teachers, take the more challenging course of study
  • be engaged in your courses and involved in your school and community
  • consider academic enrichment programs if available at your school

In high school:

  • enroll in a rigorous college-prep course of study
  • watch your grades—they all count
  • know and fulfill the high school unit requirements for the colleges or universities you are considering. For Colorado public colleges and universities, HEAR requirements should be fulfilled. For CU Denver, MAPS units are also required
  • if recommended by your teachers, consider Advanced Placement or International Baccalaureate courses
  • discuss enrollment in college courses with your counselor as a way to gain college experience, explore interests and earn credit (see below)
  • participate in academic enrichment programs (if available and if you qualify)
  • take assessment tests for career interests and aptitude, especially the PLAN, PSAT, ACT and SAT
  • consult with counselors about high school course work expectations for the college majors you may be considering
  • try something new
  • be engaged in your courses and involved in your school and community
  • consider clubs and organizations focused on future career interests
  • shadow a professional in a career field you are considering
  • connect with your high school counselor and postgraduate center early and often for information about college representative visits, admission requirements and processes, and financial aid and scholarship assistance

Academic support and enrichment programs

Academic support and enrichment programs are available to eligible high school students in certain Denver metro area schools. Contact the CU Denver Center for Pre-Collegiate and Academic Outreach Programs for more information.

Enrolling in college courses while in high school

With approval from your high school counselor, you can consider enrolling in college courses through:

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