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Environmental Health and Safety, University of Colorado Denver


Lab Safety Policy


Food and Drink in the Laboratory- Eating, drinking, applying cosmetics or any other activities that may increase the ingestion of hazardous chemical, radioactive, or infectious materials are prohibited in areas where these materials are used. The following are guidelines that must be adhered to for all at the Anschutz Medical Campus:

  • At the Anschutz Medical Campus, with the "open lab design", no food or drinks are permitted beyond the card access doors unless:
    • Preparation and consumption of food and drink is in a designated office area separated by a closed door from any work with hazardous, radioactive, and/or infectious materials. The area must be clearly designated as safe for food storage and /or consumption.
  • Storage of food and beverages are not allowed in refrigerators, cold rooms or ice chests that contain any hazardous chemical, radioactive, or infectious materials. Storage of food and beverages is prohibited except in designated break areas away from laboratories.
  • Cups, water bottles and other food and beverage items are not allowed in laboratory modules, alcoves or procedure rooms.
  • Food stored in the laboratory that is used for research must be labeled "Not for human use."

Hazardous Materials Transport, Glove Removal and Hand washing-It is the policy of the University of Colorado Denver, Anschutz Medical Campus that hazardous chemicals, radioisotopes, infectious materials, animals, biological samples, or other hazardous/potentially hazardous materials transported within and between public spaces of research buildings are required to have secondary containment and use restricted paths of transport. Please follow the below guidelines when transporting hazardous materials at AMC:

  • Hazardous materials must be transported in containers with lids or covers to reduce potential incidents of spill and/or odor concerns.
  • Remove gloves and wash hands before touching door handles, sink handles, elevator buttons and before leaving the laboratory.
  • Each research building on campus is equipped with a service elevator. Transport all potentially hazardous materials in the service elevators only. Hazardous materials must not be transported in the passenger elevators.

Please refer to the UCD Hazardous Materials Transport Policy for additional information. Minors in the Laboratory- Children under the age of 18 are not permitted in any laboratory area where hazardous, biological and radioactive materials are used or stored. Such entry is prohibited unless it is the context of a scheduled, approved, and properly supervised department activity, such as an open house or tour.

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