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Laboratory Hoods

Selecting the right unit


Selecting the right unit

Before you begin using the laboratory ventilation equipment it's important to consider what materials you're using and how you will be using them.

Ask yourself questions such as:

  • Am I using hazardous chemicals/vapors?
  • Am I using known or expected infectious agents?
  • Does what I'm working with need to be free from particulates?
Ventilation Equipment Suggested for Materials Used
Materials Used Ventilation Equipment Suggested
Chemical Vapors FH, BSC; Class II; type B2*, Class III
Known or expected infectious agents BSC; all types
Biological specimens (not infectious) BSC; all types, LFH
Radionuclides FH, BSC; Class II; type B2*, Class III
Trace radionuclides FH, BSC; Class II; type B1*, B2*, Class III
Minute amounts of chemical vapors FH, BSC; Class II; type B1*, B2*, Class III
Products needing to be free of particulates LFH, BSC (all but class I)

* Only if cabinet is hard ducted to building exhaust system

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