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University of Colorado Denver

Environmental Health and Safety, University of Colorado Denver

Laboratory Hoods

Chemical Fume Hoods (FH)


Figure 1
Airflow diagram

Notice in figure 1 the intake air being supplied by the room is being drawn away from where the user is positioned. This is negative pressure or inflow protects the operator from exposure to products in the hood.

 Fume Hood Training

Environmental Health and Safety has developed a detailed and valuable Fume Hood Training.  Please read through the information and put it to good use.  You can contact us at 303-724-0345 with any questions.



  • Only provides personal protection.
  • Constantly exhausts contaminated air to outside of building through dedicated FH ducts.
  • Does not offer protection to product or environment, as there is no filtration of intake or exhaust air (The only hoods filtered at AMC are specific Radiation Hoods)
  • Draws contaminants in the laboratory air directly over product being manipulated (no product protection).

Material Applications:

  • Chemicals
  • Radioisotopes

Materials NOT to be used:

  • Known or expected infectious agents
  • Perchloric Acid, HClO4 (see below)

Perchloric Acid Use:

The use of Perchloric Acid requires a specialized independent hood with a built-in water wash down system. In addition to being highly corrosive, condensed vapors can react with organic materials such as gaskets, greases, and chemical residues to form explosive perchlorate salts and esters.

There are no approved Perchloric Acid hoods at AMC. If you wish to use Perchloric Acid, contact EHS (4-0345) for additional information. If you have been conducting work with Perchloric Acid, especially concentrated solutions or heated solutions, contact EHS immediately for assessment of ductwork.

Notice in figure 1 the intake air being supplied by the room is being drawn away from where the user would be. This is negative pressure causing an inflow of air.

General Chemical Fume Hoods Radioisotope Fume Hoods

EH&S provides annual checks of every Chemical Fume Hood on the AMC campus. Each Fume Hood should have one of our colored stickers (figure 2) on the front near the maximum sash height allowed for that particular hood (which is shown as the arrows on the stickers).

If the Fume Hood in your area does not have a sticker, you feel it is not working properly please contact our Industrial Hygienist Daniel Kerley (303-724-0249) with any questions.

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