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University of Colorado Denver

Environmental Health and Safety, University of Colorado Denver

Radiation Safety

Radioactive Waste Disposal

Types of Waste/Segregation

Radioactive Wastes occur in a number of forms and different waste forms must be segregated from each other prior to a waste pickup. If waste is not segregated, EHS will not pickup your waste. The following are typical waste types:

  • Dry Solids
  • Aqueous Liquids
  • Organic Liquids, Mixed Chemical Wastes
  • Scintillation Vials
  • Animal Tissue
  • Biological Materials

As waste is accumulated, both Accounting Sheets and Waste Tickets need to be completed. Both of these documents are provided to the lab at the time the radioactive materials package is delivered. If additional waste tickets/accounting sheets are needed please contact the main office at 303-724-0345.

Waste Pickup Requirements:

To request a waste pickup, complete the Radioactive Materials Waste Pick-Up Request, available on the Radiation Safety Forms page, or click the button on the left. Email the completed form to You will be contacted by phone or email to schedule a pickup within 48 hours during normal business hours. If you need an immediate pickup call 303-724-0109. When calling or filling out form, please be prepared to specify:

  • The PI's name
  • Requestor name
  • Telephone number and email address
  • Room number where the waste is located
  • Types and numbers of waste containers for pickup

When EHS Arrives At The Lab:

  • Accounting Sheets are a record of the amounts of waste the lab accumulates. The lab must account for radioactive material used and waste produced. EHS will review Accounting Sheets at the time of a pickup.
  • Waste tickets are required at the time of a waste pickup. Waste tickets must be provided for each waste stream and for each RSO number. Only pre-printed waste tickets containing the RSO number and stock item description are acceptable.
  • Mixed Chemical Waste Disposal Form - If the lab will be turning over mixed chemical waste, the mixed chemical waste disposal form will also be required and may be found on the Radiation Safety Forms page.
  • Contamination surveys will be reviewed. Contamination surveys are required daily, weekly, or monthly depending on the hazard class of your authorization.


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