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Radiation Safety

Radiation Safety Training


The Radiation Safety Training Program is made up of 5 training Modules that are required to be completed prior to using radioactivity in research. Researchers cannot work with radioactive materials until all training requirements are completed unless they are enrolled in the Worker in Training Program. To become a Radiation worker one must pass Modules 1-4 and complete the annual refresher training thereafter; PIs must complete Modules 1-5 and annual refresher training thereafter. Attendance at a scheduled classroom session for Module 2 is required for all radiation workers. All of the other modules will be completed upon a successful passing grade of 80% on an exam. Once the module exams are scored, an email is sent out within two business days with your grade.

No credit will be given for training received at other institutions due to the difficulty of evaluating the content and effectiveness of such training. Modules are arranged in numerical order that corresponds to the order in which the courses should be taken.

Once Modules 1, 2, 3 and 4 are completed a film badge or other dosimeter will be issued.

Module 1
Fundamentals of Ionizing Radiation and Radiation Protection: This module is a closed book exam that focuses on the atomic structure, nomenclature characteristics and types of ionizing radiation.
Module 2
Radiation Protection Surveys, Calculations and Practice: This module is a two hour in class/lab session that focuses on radioactive decay calculations, basic detector theory, radiation surveys and use of counting instruments.
Module 3
Radioactive and Mixed Wastes, Regulations and Policies: This module is an open book exam that focuses on the forms and segregation of wastes and the acceptable containers and labels for radioactive wastes. Bring both a Radiation Safety Manual and the Radioactive Waste Manual at the time of the exam.
Module 4
Health Effects of Ionizing Radiation: This module is a closed book exam that focuses on radiosensitivity, biological mechanisms of damage, MPD and ALARA principles, Radiotoxicity and Annual limits.
Module 5
Regulations and Policies Pertaining to Authorization of Principal Investigators: This module is an open book exam for PIs only and focuses on the Committee Authorization process, Decommissioning a lab, and Housekeeping and Maintenance Services.

Bring both a Radiation Safety Manual and the Radioactive Waste Manual at the time of the exam.

* Note - New PI’s may apply to the CIR for authorization to use radioactive materials before training is complete, but authorization will not be granted until all training has been successfully completed. Click Modular Training or Take the Radiation Safety Refresher Training.

RAD WIT Worker in Training Program:

A PI or researcher who has not completed Module 1, 2, 3 or 4 may work with radioactive materials under the direct supervision of one or more specific preceptor(s) who are authorized to work with radioactive materials. The worker in training must complete the required Modular training within 90 days or their RAD WIT status will be revoked. PIs that do not complete the required training within 90 days will have to turn in all radioactive materials in their possession to EHS. To sign up to be a RAD WIT worker, a Rad Worker in Training Form must be filled out and returned to the EHS main office in Building 401.

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