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University of Colorado Denver

Environmental Health and Safety, University of Colorado Denver

Chemical and Waste Management

Tax-Free Ethanol Program

Ethanol bottles
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Distilled Reclaimed Ethanol and Xylene

To reduce the amount of hazardous waste generated at the University of Colorado Denver, Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) has purchased a fractional distillation system to reprocess spent ethanol and xylene to produce a quality product.  This endeavor is the result of over a year's worth of beta testing to ensure the purity of the distilled product.  Testing included independent analytical work, as well as practical testing by UCD AMC researchers.

Every distillation run's product (numbered batch) is tested and documented by EHS chemists to ensure specific purity.  The batch number and proof is listed on each container's cap. 

Any questions about tax-free ethanol can be e-mailed to

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