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University of Colorado Denver

Animal Care and Use Program


Online IACUC Protocol Submission


Protocol applications are to be submitted online. Please note the following steps to be completed prior to submission:

  • Please allow adequate time for the online application process; submission deadlines (especially for three year re-writes/renewals) cannot be extended.

  • Personnel to be named as associates on a protocol must be identified in a master 'drop down' list in order for you to select associates during the protocol application process. Thus, personnel must be entered into the system to enable this option. At present the Personnel Qualifications (PQ) form will still be used to provide information about personnel. One form for each person (Principal Investigator [PI] included) named on the protocol must be submitted to the IACUC Office, before you attempt to enter a protocol online. Please allow adequate time (at least 72 hours) for the PQ data for new people to be entered into the system. Submit one updated PQ form for all other personnel so that the IACUC can review their qualifications in concert with the newly submitted protocol. Contact the IACUC Office if you have questions.

  • A password is required to allow access to the Topaz Elements website using these instructions:  Please use the username and password that you use to log into the university system.  (Elements is behind the UC Denver | AMC firewall, so you need to VPN in or be on campus in order to access.  For Mac users, you will need to download and install “Silverlight.”)

     The URL to be used for new protocol submission is:   http://olar-

  •  The new Topaz Elements system is for both IACUC protocols and Animal Ordering, effective immediately. 

  • The URL to be used for amendments to existing protocols is  http://nimbus2.ucdenver.pvt/TOPAZEnterprise/Login.aspx

  •  In this case, you will use your username and a password that was assigned by the IACUC office.

Once you enter a valid user name and password, any existing protocols with which you are associated will be listed. These will be located on your dashboard.  These are skeleton protocols designed by us to enter the crucial information from your protocol into the new system, mostly for animal ordering.  If you are doing a three year protocol renewal, you will need to go to “create original protocol” and start new.  The old and new systems are so different that they do not talk with each other and you cannot import the data into a new protocol.  You will need to cut and paste from your old protocol into the new one.  Please use the control functions to cut (Control C) and paste (Control V), and not the right click button on the mouse.  We are moving towards electronic signatures.  Because of this, the PI must create the protocol and the PI must submit the protocol.

For lab personnel who write the protocol, the PI will need to create the protocol and make that individual the author.  The individual will then be able view and have access to write the protocol.

For the co-author field, please enter your Administrator’s name:  The person who administers your grants and financials.  They will then receive the billing emails.

To add protocol associates, click on the green “+” symbol and a list of all authorized personnel will appear.  The quick search function at the top ONLY searches the first page.  To search ALL pages, use the funnel icon to the right and create a new filter (funnel again), then use the drop down to search by last name, enter the last name and then click on the blue arrow to apply the search to ALL of the pages.

All protocol associates listed on the protocol will be able to view only the protocol.

For the species section, you need to click on the “species” (e.g. mouse) after you have selected the species, or alternatively click on the bottom where it says “show segments”.  This opens up a “segment” section separate from the main body of the protocol with the species specific information, e.g. stress category, total animal numbers requested, strains and euthanasia methods.

Strain: If you do not see your strain in the dropdown, for external orders, please provide vendor name and the stock number (e.g. JAX # 002216).  For rodent breeding colonies, please use the link below to develop a standardized nomenclature (in order to clean up the data base):

Hazardous materials- If you are utilizing a hazardous drug, compound or chemical, you will utilize the Protocol Specific SOP for Vivarium. You will need to complete all top sections of the form and then hit the “Submit” button at the top right corner of the page, this will automatically send the form to EH&S.




  • Please provide PQ forms for new personnel before entering a protocol.
  • Please provide PQ forms for all personnel named on protocols - prior to submission is preferred.
  • Please save your application frequently to avoid losing entered data as you become familiar with the new application.
  • Please remember that only the PI can complete section J - the regulatory assurances - and make the final submission.
  • A pre-review by a member of the veterinary staff is offered and highly suggested. The deadline for pre-review is 11 days prior to the normal deadline for a meeting. Your protocol submission will be sent to a vet for comments and returned to the investigator at least 4 days prior to the final meeting deadline in order for suggested corrections to be made and the protocol re-submitted before the regular deadline.
  • The IACUC Office will develop more detailed written instructions as use of the online system progresses but the form itself contains built in help features (click on the ? ) and help is also available by calling 303-724-1056.


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