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This is a glossary of terms related to Grants and Contracts, many of which are used throughout this site.

Some of the defined terms are not in the narrative portion of the tutorial, but are included below because the words are commonly used in sponsored projects administration.


Effective Start Date

The date in the award document stated to be the beginning date of the activity and budget period of the award.


The amount of time, usually expressed as a percentage of the total, that a faculty member or other employee spends on a project or program. Effort is certified and documented through the electronic Personnel Effort Reporting (ePER) System at UC Denver.


A specific amount of funds that have been set aside in a PeopleSoft project for the receipt of an order or the payment of an invoice. Encumbrances reduce the available balance of a PeopleSoft project.

Equipment (Property or Capital Equipment)

Equipment is an article of non-expendable, tangible equipment having a useful life of more than one year and an acquisition cost of $5,000 or more. This includes equipment purchased or acquired via transfer, donation, and equipment being constructed where component parts may be less than $5,000 each, but the total cost will be $5,000 or more. Equipment is not a replacement part or component returning a piece of equipment to its original condition. If a component increases the capability of the original equipment and has an acquisition cost which meets or exceeds the established equipment cost thresholds, it is considered a capital item.

ERA InfoEd

The InfoEd eRA Portal is the official electronic research administration system adopted by the University of Colorado to manage the research lifecycle from start to finish including proposal application and submission, sponsor award, renewals and project closeouts. This system enables faculty, administrators and staff to efficiently track grants and contracts through its life span with 24-7 availability. Click here to go to ERA Gloassary and here to go to ERA website.

Expanded Authorities

Policy implementation by some federal sponsors delegating certain prior approval authorities to grantee institutions. This delegation allows for internal institution approval of administrative and spending actions, thus reducing delays in project progress.

External In-kind Contributions

Represent the value of non-cash contributions made by sources outside of the UC Denver for a sponsored program or project. Examples of non-cash contributions include non-UC Denver employees working on a program or project, the useof donated equipment if specifically required by the sponsor,or the useof donated supplies.

Extramural Support (Sponsored Research)

Extramural support is funding for research, training, or public service projects provided by federal or private sources outside the University. See “Sponsored Project”.

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