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Frequently Asked Questions


What is an application for a sponsored project?
How can I learn more about proposal processing for sponsored projects?
How is my sponsored project proposal processed?
What happens during the Post-Submission Period with respect to pre-award expenditures?
What is a project?
Grants and contracts: What's the difference?
How are sponsored projects budgeted?
Do sponsored projects pay overhead?
How is a sponsored project set up?
What is a Fund 30 - Sponsored Projects (aka Sponsored Programs, Grant, or Contract) fund?
What is a Fund 31 - Sponsored Projects fund (aka Sponsored Programs fund, Grant, Contract)?
What is the purpose of a sponsored project?
Where can I find information about sponsor policies for my sponsored project?
What are the pertinent polices and regulations related to sponsored projects?
What are the funding sources for sponsored projects?

Effort Reporting

What is personnel effort certification?
What reports are available to help manage effort reporting?

Award Administration

What is fiscal staff?
What is fiscal principal?
What is fiscal manager?
What is Post Award administration?
How do I know which costs are appropriate to charge to a sponsored project?
What is cost sharing as related to sponsored projects?
Can I re-budget award funds within a sponsored project?
What is program income as related to a sponsored project?
What is a no-cost extension?
How is a sponsored project closed?
What is meant by carry forward of unobligated funds?
How do I monitor costs on a sponsored project?
How long are payroll and benefits encumbered?
Where can I find out about the latest financial and compliance-related issues?
Clinical trials do not have budgets set up in the financial system. How do I understand how much a sponsor has paid to date, since the new revenue recognition policy matches revenue to expenses?
Where can I find a list of fiscal period closing dates?
What is the Outstanding Encumbrances report?
How exactly does the system calculate payroll encumbrances?
What is a restricted fund?
How does the revenue get paid on a sponsored project? Who bills the sponsor? How is the invoice generated?
What financial reports should I read to monitor a sponsored project?
Are there allowable cash transfers in sponsored project funds?


What kind of compliance training is available?
What kind of training is available for ePERS (electronic personnel effort reporting)?

Electronic Submissions

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