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An important mission of CIBERs, mandated by federal legislation, is to conduct research designed to strengthen and improve the international aspects of business and professional education, to promote integrated curricula and to promote the international competitiveness of American businesses and firms including those not currently active in international trade.


 UC Denver CIBER Funded Research


 International Business, Global HRM, International Management

Wayne Cascio, Robert H. Reynolds Chair in Global Leadership, Professor of Management, Business School; Senior Editor, Journal of World Business

Managing Human Resources: Productivity, Quality of Work Life, Profits (11th ed.), New York, NY: Irwin/McGraw-Hill, In press

Reflections on the Metamorphosis at Robben Island: The Role of Institutional Work and Positive Psychological Capital, Journal of Management Inquiry, In press

Global Talent Management and Performance in Multi-national Enterprises: A Multilevel Perspective (with D. Collings and K. Mellahi), Journal of Management, In press

Science’s Reproducibility and Replicability Crisis: International Business is not Immune (with H. Aguinis and R. Ramani), Journal of International Business Studies, 2017

Utility Analysis (S. Rogelberg, Ed.), Encyclopedia of Industrial and Organizational Psychology, 2017

The Oxford Handbook of Talent Management. (Co-edited with D. Collings and K. Mellahi), 2017

Human Capital Analytics: Why Are We Not There? (with John Boudreau) Journal of Organizational Effectiveness: People and Performance, 2017

Investing in People: The Financial Impact of Human Resource Initiatives (2nd ed.) (with John Boudreau), Pearson Education, 2011

Vinit Desai, Associate Professor of Management, Business School

Collaborative Stakeholder Engagement: An Integration between Theories of Organizational Legitimacy and Learning. Academy of Management Journal, In press

Under the Radar: Regulatory Collaborations and their Selective Use to Facilitate Organizational Compliance,Academy of Management Journal, 2016

The Behavioral Theory of the (Governed) Firm: Corporate Board Influences on Organizations' Responses to Performance Shortfalls, Academy of Management Journal, 2016 

Learning through the Distribution of Failures within an Organization: Evidence from Heart Bypass Surgery Performance, Academy of Management Journal, 2016


David Chandler, Assistant Professor of Management, Business School

Strategic Corporate Social Responsibility: Stakeholders, Globalization, and Sustainable Value Creation, Sage Publications, Inc., 4th edition, 2017

Corporate Social Responsibility: A Strategic Perspective, Business Expert Press, 2015

Learning from Learning Theory: A Model of Organizational Adoption Strategies at the Micro foundations of Institutional Theory (with Hokyu Hwang)Journal of Management, 2015

Organizational Susceptibility to Institutional Complexity: Critical Events Driving the Adoption and Implementation of the Ethics & Compliance Officer PositionOrganization Science, 2014

Morals, Markets, and Values-based BusinessesAcademy of Management Review, 2014


 International Entrepreneurship

Manuel Serapio, Associate Professor and Program Director of International Business, Business School; Member of Editorial Board, Journal of Teaching in International Business

International Entrepreneurship (with A. Zucchelle and B. Hugen), Edward Elgan, inpress

High Potential Concepts, Phenomena and Theories for the Advancement of International Entrepreneurship Research (with Patricia McDougall-Covin and Marian Jones), Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice, 2014

Special Issue: International Entrepreneurship, Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice, 2014

Social Entrepreneurship Research Case on Nokero, Lighting the World, International Business, 16th Edition, by Daniels, Radebaugh and Sullivan, 2017

Cases in international business and international entrepreneurship; PACIBER Casebook: Dynamics of Asian Business, Cambridge University Press, 2013

King King – Entrepreneurship in China (with Henry Tsuei), PACIBER Casebook: Dynamics of Asian Business, 2013

New Book

International Entrepreneurship​ - Antonella Zucchella, Professor, Birgit Hagen, Assistant Professor, Department of Economics and Management, University of Pavia, Italy and Manuel G. Serapio, Associate Professor of International Business and Entrepreneurship, Business School, University of Colorado Denver, US

Jingting Liu, Assistant Professor, International Business, University of Colorado Denver

Covered in Gold: Examining Gold Consumption by Middle Class Consumers in Merging Markets. International Business Review, 2016

15 Evolution of the Export Marketing Literature through Cavusgil’s Seminal Writings. Research Handbook on Export Marketing (with Koc, O. T.), 2014

Learning, Product Innovativeness & Firm Performance: The Critical Role of Market Learning (with Shah, D. & Cavusgil, S. T.), targeted journal: Journal of Marketing, and Journal of Marketing Research

Marketers v.s. Technicians: Who are Better Innovators and Entrepreneurs? (with Shah, D., Bamiatzi, V. & Cavusgil, S.T.), targeted journal: Journal of Marketing, and Journal of Product Innovation Management

Learning and Innovativeness of Entrepreneurial Ventures: Evidence from China (with Cavusgil, S. T.), targeted journal: Journal of International Marketing


 Digital Entrepreneurship and Global E-Commerce

Jahangir Karimi, Professor of Information Systems, Director of Information Systems Business School

A Unified Model for the Adoption of Electronic Word of Mouth on Social Network Sites: Facebook as the Exemplar (with Navid Aghakhani and Mohammad Salehan), International Journal of Electronic Commerce,2018

Corporate Entrepreneurship, Disruptive Business Model Innovation Adoption, and its Performance: The Case of Newspaper Industry (with Zhiping Walter), Long Range Planning, 2016

Perceptions and Attitudes Toward Online Mapping Services (with Michael Erskine and Dawn Gregg), Journal of Computer Information Systems, 2016

The Role of Dynamic Capabilities in Responding to Digital Disruption: A Factor Based Study of the Newspaper Industry (with Zhiping Walter), Journal of Management Information Systems, 2015

Student Engagement in Course-Based Social Networks: The Impact of Instructor Credibility and Use of Communication (with Jehad Imlawi and Dawn Gregg), Computers and Education Journal, 2015

Geospatial Reasoning Ability: Construct and Substrata Definition, Measurement, and Validation (with Michael Erskine, Dawn Gregg, and Judy Scott), International Journal of Human-Computer Interaction, 2015

Jiban Khuntia, Assistant Professor, Information Systems; Co-Director, CSIS PhD Program, Business School

Patient Empowerment and Engagement with a Health Infomediary (with Dobin Yim, Mohan Tanniru, and Sanghee Lim), Health Policy and Technology, 2017

Information Technology and Sustainability: Evidence from an Emerging Economy (with Terence Saldanha, Sunil Mithas, and V. Sambamurthy), Production and Operations Management, 2017

How Service Offerings and Operational Maturity Influence the Viability of Health Information Exchanges, Production and Operations Management, 2017

Sharing News Through Social Networks (with Hang Sun and Dobin Yim), International Journal on Media Management, 2016

Identifying Bands in the Knowledge Exchange Spectrum in an Online Health Infomediary (with Dobin Yim and Young Argyris), International Journal of Healthcare Information Systems and Informatics, 2015



Global Competitiveness Research and Frontier Market Research:

Dr. Lawrence Cunningham, Accenture Term Professor of Marketing

Chen Ji, Senior Instructor of Finance, and Stephen Thomas, Associate Professor of Political Science

Dr. Jian Yang, JP Morgan Chair Professor of Finance

Dr. Yosef Bonaparte, Assistant Professor of Finance

Ms. Missy Kautt, Instructor, International Business

Dr. Onook Oh, Assistant Professor of Information Systems

Dr. Rina Ray, Assistant Professor of Finance

IB Pedagogy, Language and Culture

Dr. Mary Long, Director, Spanish for the Professors Program

Mr. Roy Becker, Instructor, International Business

Dr. Manuel Serapio, Associate Professor of International Business


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