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UHL students at the warehouse

Student Club

University Honors and Leadership Program

Student involvement and community outreach are both fundamentally important parts of the university and the UHL experience. The UHL Student Club is an excellent opportunity for UHL students to immerse themselves in outreach to the program, the campus, and to the Denver community as a whole. It is this sort of participation which builds memories, skills, and friendships that last a lifetime.

The club’s main goals are to give back to the local community, as well as to reach out beyond this community in order to support larger social causes and to bring UHL students together in fun and productive ways. The focus of the club’s outreach efforts is determined by the club members and voted on by all UHL students. Every student in the program has a voice that will be listened to and equally considered. All major decisions, including what social causes the club will support, are made by majority vote. This ensures that everyone has the power to help determine the path of the club.

All UHL students are eligible to join the club, as well as run for officer positions. The positions are: president, vice-president, treasurer/fundraising chair, secretary, service chair, and social chair. Elections take place during the fall semester each year. Terms last for one full academic year (fall and spring semesters). Anyone who is interested in holding office is welcome to nominate themselves. Students are also encouraged to nominate others who they believe would be successful as a club officer.

Curious about the people involved in the club? Check out the profiles below!

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 Sanju Garimella, President

Sanju student club.pngSanj​u is a fourth-year undergraduate student on the pre-med track at CU Denver. Currently, Sanju is planning on majoring in Public Health because of her interest in both pedriatrics and health disparities across the world. With a bachelors in Public Health and an MD, she plans on healing the youth in Colorado. She loves being in the UHL program because it provides an intellectually stimulating environment for each and every student. The UHL community not only pushes her to excel individually, but it allows her cohort to lock arms and achieve greatness together. As Vice President, she hopes to continue to foster the community atmosphere in UHL by organizing combined cohort service events. Sanju hopes to continue the growth of the UHL community with more volunteer events and is looking forward to this upcoming year.


 Aleena Sarwana, Vice President

Aleena is a sophomore in the UHL Program.10

 Omer Sarwana, Treasurer

Omer​ is a senior in the UHL Program.11

 Aaron Blahut, Secretary

Aaron Blahut is a Civil Engineering major who plans to graduate Spring 2017. He was born in Berlin, Germany and moved to Denver, Colorado nine years later. He believes that one of the greatest benefits of the UHL program is the strong sense of community that is created through the shared classes, which allows students of different majors to hang out together. He wants to help further this community through the events that UHL Student Club   He currently enjoys hiking 14ers, fantasy football, chess, running and crying before tests.​13

 Ellie Laughlin, Service Chair

​Elli​e is a junior in the UHL Program7

 Daniel Bor, Social Chair

12622487_1134940746516756_8104499418752702036_o.jpg​Born in the sleepy mountain town of Denver, Daniel Bor is a sophomore biology major. He plans on going to medical school with his biology degree. His goal for the student club is to expand the role of the club in being a liaison between the students and faculty. He also wants to expand the number of social events available to UHL. He was born too late to explore the west, too early to explore space, but born just in time to explore being the social chair of the UHL student club.


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