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Students interacting with Ann Martin

University Honors and Leadership Program

Teaching in the UHL Program

University Honors and Leadership (UHL) courses offer faculty members a stimulating and rewarding environment for teaching the subjects about which they are passionate. UHL course enrollments are capped at twenty students, and the small, seminar-style classes provides an ideal format for honors-level education.

Innovative Teaching Opportunities

The faculty are encouraged to push their own pedagogical boundaries in designing innovative UHL courses, taking advantage of the opportunities that UHL courses afford for greater student-faculty interaction, critical reading and thinking, discussion, writing, and research, as well as the possibilities offered by UHL’s multidisciplinary emphasis.

Multidisciplinary Courses

The multidisciplinary nature of UHL courses tears down the walls that often separate academic disciplines and is derived from the belief that our increasingly complex society requires broad-based platforms for thinking that integrate knowledge and research strategies from a variety of perspectives. This multidisciplinary emphasis makes UHL a natural vehicle for team-taught courses, though we also welcome proposals from individual faculty members.

The UHL program encourages course proposals from interested faculty (tenure-stream and non-tenure-stream) across the university.

The Honors Faculty 

The Honors Faculty

UC Denver’s Honors Faculty is made up of outstanding teachers and scholars committed to furthering honors education through the University Honors and Leadership program.

The UHL Course Proposal Process 

The UHL Course Proposal Process

Faculty members may create UHL courses by submitting a request form.

University Honors and Leadership Program

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