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University Honors and Leadership Program

The Honors Faculty

The University of Colorado Denver Honors Faculty is made up of outstanding teachers and scholars committed to furthering honors-level education through the University Honors and Leadership (UHL) program.

The Honors Faculty consists of:

  • All faculty members teaching in the UHL program
  • Faculty members who serve as mentors to UHL Student Research Fellows
  • Faculty members of the UHL Steering Committee

Instructional Faculty

  • Michael Abeyta, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Spanish
  • Aimee Bernard, Ph.D., Senior Instructor, Integrative Biology
  • Peter Bryant, Ph.D., Professor of Decision Sciences
  • Pompa Banerjee, Ph.D., Associate Professor of English
  • Margaret Bruehl, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Chemistry
  • Nancy Ciccone, Ph.D., Associate Professor of English
  • Judith Coe, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Music 
  • Michael Cummings, Ph.D., Professor of Political Science
  • Jennifer Davis, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of English
  • Douglas Dyckes, Ph.D., Professor of Chemistry
  • Larry Erbert, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Communication
  • Manuel Espinoza, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Literacy
  • J. Jeffrey Franklin, Ph.D., Associate Professor of English
  • Linda Fried, J.D., Instructor, Information Systems
  • Georg Gadow, Ph.D., Associate Director for Leadership Studies
  • Rene Galindo, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Linguistically Diverse Education
  • James Grigsby, Ph.D., Professor of Medicine
  • Daniel Howard, Ph.D., Dean, CLAS and Professor of Biology
  • Stefanie Johnson, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Management
  • Lisa Julian​, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Chemistry
  • Heather Kennedy, M.P.H., Department of Psychiatry, Children's Hospital
  • Weldon A. Lodwick, Ph.D., Professor of Mathematical and Statistical Sciences
  • L. Ann Martin, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Accounting
  • Steven G. Medema, Ph.D., UHL Director and Professor of Economics
  • Sean McGowan, D.M.A. Assistant Professor of Music
  • Robert Metcalf, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Philosophy
  • Brian Ott, Ph.D., Visiting Professor of Communication
  • Carl E. Pletsch, Ph.D., Associate Professor of History
  • Jini Puma, Ph.D., Research Associate, Colorado School of Public Health
  • Niels Schonbeck, Ph.D., Professor of Chemistry
  • Randall Tagg, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Physics 
  • Deborah Thomas, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Geography
  • Travis Vermilye,  Assistant Professor of Visual Arts
  • Craig Volk, M.F.A., Associate Professor of Theatre, Film and Video Production
  • Allan Wallis, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Public Policy
  • Christina Wilson, M.A., Instructor, Business School 

Faculty Mentors

Members of the Honors Faculty play a prominent role in the life of the UHL community. In addition to teaching innovative interdisciplinary courses in the UHL program and mentoring UHL student research, Honors Faculty members:

  • Participate in the admissions interviews of applicants to the UHL program
  • Act as advisors to the UHL Senior Research Seminar
  • Advise students on academic and career opportunities, including graduate work
  • Assess student applications for UHL scholarships
  • Share their expertise with UHL students in a variety of formal and informal settings
  • Devise and participate in co- and extra-curricular activities of the UHL program, including guiding students into internship programs and community service opportunities
  • Encourage faculty participation in the UHL program and provide support for the program across the University

University Honors and Leadership Program

Phone: 303-315-7838 • Fax: 303-315-7836

Street Address: 1047 Ninth Street Park • Mailing Address: Campus Box 199, PO Box 173364, Denver, CO 80217-3364


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