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Certified Nurse Assistant

Kirstie Gorthy

This past summer, Kirstie - a sophomore in the UHL Program - was granted an opportunity to work at a local nursing home in Castle Rock where she lives. She started in June and now has almost three months of CNA experience under her belt. Though working there is tough, she says she has enjoyed her time there thus far tending to the residents needs and taking care of them as best as she can.

Every week, Kirstie pushes through 36 total hours, working three 12 hour shifts from 6 PM until 6:30 AM in a row, constantly checking on each resident to make sure they are happy and comfortable, etc. She never misses one step and always makes sure to take her time and be patient with the residents as to satisfy them completely. 

Over the past three months, Kirstie has developed a strong love and friendship for all the residents. She says, "I would not trade this experience for the world and am excited to continue working there while also going to school at UCD". Even though she does not think she can keep her full time position as a CNA at Brookside Inn due to the tremendous amounts of schoolwork, she knows that she can surely manage being a part time employee and also continue to grow her personal relationship with each resident. "This job has helped lock in my certainty about being a nurse in the future because I absolutely love the nurturing and care-giving aspect that nursing allows" says Kirstie.​

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