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Air Force Academy Leadership Seminar

Inspire to Inspire

UHLers at the AFA Seminar
UHLers at the AFA Seminar

During the weekend of October 12, the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs held a leadership summit. Aya Ahram (2014, Biology), Tamara Lhungay (2014, Biology), Rowena Benedictos (2015, Pre-Nursing), Lubna Mazin (2015, Biology and Chemistry), and Derrick Gallegos (2016, Pre-Med) attended the event. The theme was "Inspire to inspire."

Although Rowena originally thought the summit would be about celebrating leadership, it ended up being about much more than that. "A lot of the concepts they discussed were really applicable to everyday and it was really refreshing to have those moments of reflection and soul searching."

Students went over various leadership concepts, such as "Leadership is our natural self-expression," and also listened to a guest speaker while eating smores. The summit applied leadership to all sorts of activities, from making chili to getting across an obstacle course. At the end, students were asked to choose a word that they wanted to be described as. After saying their word, students received dog tags that said, "Are you being the person you want to be - CLAI 2012".

Rowena chose the word resilient. "No matter the situation that life throws at me, I want to be always able to change the context of that situation."

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