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Warehouse Mayhem

Project C.U.R.E.

UHL students packing boxes

On February 2, seven UHL students and five International College Beijing students went to the Project C.U.R.E. warehouse in Centennial to sort through medical supplies. With no heat running in the warehouse, the students found themselves in a cold building, full of medical supplies ready to be sorted, shipped, and even repaired.

“I thought it was a disaster organization wise,” Joshua Skeggs (Public Health, 2015) in regards to the warehouse itself. “But I thought it was wonderful that they had so much medical equipment.”

After being shown a video about Project C.U.R.E. and given a tour of the warehouse, the students were led to the sorting area. Dozens of bins with medical supplies, boxes needing to be unpacked, and one volunteer to help the students figure out where everything should go.

“Some of the most interesting supplies were carbon monoxide alarms. You don’t really think of those when you think of medical equipment,” Josh said. “There was also a respirator face mask with eyes and a mouth, which was weird.”

Not only did Josh run around, helping with sorting, but he also noticed that one of the ICB students wore the same shoes as him. Nothing like a little bonding over similar footwear.

Afterwards, the volunteers went out to lunch together at a nearby Subway and Cynthia Joseph (Biology, 2015) took some students to explore Vishnu, the Indian store next door. According to Cynthia, the store displayed spices at the front, but the snacks at the back interested the students more.

In regards to the strange vegetables in the store, Cynthia said, “Josh was daring enough to buy actual Indian food."

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