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The Genderfree Bedroom

Gender, Sexuality, and Senior Seminar Projects

Natalie Ta presenting on gender and sexuality
Natalie Ta presenting about gender and sexuality

After spending almost two semesters on their project, The Genderfree Bedroom team finally held their event on Thursday, April 18. After waking up early (and in some cases oversleeping), the four members met in the UHL house to divide up tasks. Yumi Morii (Biology, 2013) and Natalie Ta (Public Health, 2013) decided to go post flyers around North Classroom and the Tivoli while Jennifer Mayo (English Creative Writing, 2013) and Kelly McNamara (Music Recording, 2013) went to set up the room. In room 320 in the Tivoli, Jennifer and Kelly laid folders out on the table, preparing for attendees.

“Are you nervous? Don’t be nervous,” Kelly told Jennifer.

As they tested the Attendees listening to the panel discussionmicrophones, the Women’s Resource Center, the LGBT Student

Services, New Era Colorado, OneColorado, and Rainbow Alley set up informational tables in the back of the room. At 11:00am, guests started to come in, grab food, and sit down to enjoy the event. After a brief introduction and then a provocative presentation about advertising from Dr. Brian Ott, the event moved to its main draw – the panel moderated by Kelly.

The panelists included Cory Barrett from Rainbow Alley, professor of Communication Dr. Brian Ott, Daniel Ramos from OneColorado, Glenn Stanton from Focus on the Family, and Carisa Weaver from the Women’s Resource Center.

“It was nice to be in a place where it was openly discussed,” Michal Peer (Anthropology, 2015), referring to the topics of gender and sexuality

After a series of questions, the event quickly wrapped up.

“My biggest thought right after Attendees participating in workshopsit was that we could actually get the audience involved,”

said Kelly. “It wasn’t a bunch of statistic or a one hundred person science lecture. The audience was actively involved.”

While this event marks the end of their project, Jennifer, Kelly, Yumi, and Natalie hope that other students will take on The Genderfree Bedroom organization after they graduate. If you’re interested, please email Jennifer at to get more information.

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