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Rocky Mountain Honors Symposium

Presenting about the Environment

Jessica Logar sitting by her table's towerColorado School of Mines hosted the first ever Rocky Mountain Honors Symposium. The
major draw of this event was the competition between honors programs to give the best presentation about a given prompt. The prompt was, “Environmental challenges can be defined in a variety of ways and might be local or global, simple or complex, well-studied or obscure. Select one that you think has been unrecognized, overlooked, or inadequately explored and develop a sophisticated position for addressing it or communicating its importance.”

Arthur Boo (Engineering, 2014), Derrick Gallegos (Business, 2016), Tamara Lhungay (Pre-Med, 2014), Jessica Logar (Business, 2016), Jennifer Mayo (English, 2013), Amelia Sanchez (Biology, 2016), and Mandy Wong (Philosophy, 2013) all attended the event along with Dr. Steven Medema. The day started with a fun activity to see which group could build the tallest (or most original) tower from materials in a given box. There were no rules, so students began to grab objects from around the room to make the tallest tower.

Jennifer’s team quickly realized they were going to lose the challenge, so they decided to go for the most original tower award. Each table was labeled after an environmental disaster and their table was named after Chernobyl. Thus, they created a Chernobyl victim with their parts and went on to win the most original tower title.

After the fun died down, lunch was served and students had to go around campus completing a picture scavenger hunt. The goal was to take pictures relating to prompts such as, “Next Olympic Sport” and “Pi in the Face”.

Aside from the fun activities, a total of eight honors programs presented on the topic of environmental challenges. While Jennifer, Jessica, and Mandy did their best by presenting about their involvement with the Hike-a-thon and their plans for the tree-planting, they did not win. Colorado School of Mines took home the trophy for this year. Denver University will be hosting the Rocky Mountain Honors Symposium next year.

Though they did not come back as winners, the symposium allowed the UHL students to meet new people, reconnect with old friends, and have a fun Saturday focused on teamwork.

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