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University Honors and Leadership

Other Courses

Faculty-mentored research, internships and more

The courses classified as "Other" are designed to allow UHL students to earn academic credit for faculty-mentored research, internships, and independent study coursework and do not count toward the UHL 27 credit hour requirement.

UNHL 2870  Intensive Spanish

  • Credit Hours:  3
  • Prereq:  UNHL 1100, Span 1020, placement exam or permission of instructor
  • Course Type:  Other
  • Core Areas:  While this course does not count toward the 27 hours required for UHL graduation, it will provide "International Perspectives" exposure and thus help to satisfy this aspect of your core requirements.

This course combines both semesters of second-year Spanish in an intensive course for UHL students.   This course does not count toward the 27 hours required for UHL graduation.

UNHL 2939/3939  UHL Internship

  • Credit Hours:  1-3
  • Prereq:  UNHL 1100, cumulative GPA of 3.0 or above and permission of the UHL Director
  • Course Type:  Other  

UHL internships establish a bridge between theoretical knowledge and practice.  Primary emphasis is placed on internships focusing on problem-based learning, team learning, leadership education, and interdisciplinary learning relevant to the UHL curriculum.  An internship represents a serious work experience that demands professionalism and a significant time commitment.

UNHL 2840/4840  Independent Study

  • Credit Hours:  1-6
  • Prereq:   UNHL 1100
  • Course Type:  Other

Independent study offers students the opportunity to work one-on-one with faculty in an area of shared scholarship through directed readings (scholarly projects driven by specific texts).

UNHL 4850  Faculty-Mentored Research

  • Credit Hours:  1-6
  • Prereq:  UNHL 1100 and permission of sponsoring faculty mentor and UHL Director
  • Course Type:   Other

UHL student research conducted under the supervision of UC Denver faculty.

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