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University Honors and Leadership Program

The UHL Core: Years 1 and 4

UHL courses are taught in a learner-centered environment with continuous faculty and student engagement. Students hone their critical thinking by analyzing issues from alternative perspectives. The coursework during the first year (UHL Core) aims to educate students in the intellectual, social, and personal skills needed to excel in an increasingly diverse, global, and technologically complex society. A weekly seminar series, which brings in speakers from academia, business, government, and beyond, complements the UHL Core. Seminar speakers address topics from hot-button policy issues of the moment to the latest in scientific discovery. The UHL core includes:

First year foundational courses:

  • UNHL 1100: Introduction to UHL (3 credit hours)
  • UNHL 2755: UHL Seminar (two semesters at 1 credit hour each)
  • ENGL 2030-UNHL: Core Composition II (3 credit hours)*

Fourth year capstone courses:

  • UNHL 4991: UHL Senior Research Seminar I (2 credit hours)
  • UNHL 4992: UHL Senior Research Seminar II (2 credit hours)

The two-semester UHL Senior Research Seminar capstone course represents the students' undergraduate experience and synthesizes themes from their interdisciplinary UHL education. It is meant to provide the UHL students with the opportunity to apply their knowledge, experience, and skills by working together in teams on projects that call for their collective intellectual, analytical, and leadership talents.

*UHL students who have previously received credit for ENGL 2030 or the equivalent will not receive additional UC Denver credit for ENGL 2030 and are not required to take the UHL section of this course.  Students who believe that they are exempt from the ENGL 2030 requirement should meet with the UHL advisor to confirm this exemption. Students who are exempt from the ENGL 2030 requirement are expected to complete the remainder of the UHL program as scheduled.

University Honors and Leadership Program

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