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University Honors and Leadership Program

Sample Courses



ENGL 2030-U01  Core Composition II (special UHL section)

"Sins and Virtues"  This course focuses on the elements of research-based academic argumentation.  Students will construct analytical and persuasive arguments to explore current topics of their choosing (politics, culture, music, etc.), while considering how the seven deadly sins and the seven virtues pervade those current topics.  Students will also strengthen their critical thinking, reading and writing skills while working with a variety of academic primary and secondary source material. 
  • Credit Hours:  3


ENGL 2030-U02 Core Composition II (special UHL section)

"Humor in America"  Is there a relationship between identity and humor?  Does our notion of what is funny shape our understanding of "the self" and "the other"?  This course will seek answers to these questions while exploring how humor functions to reflect and, moreover, shape our conceptions of America and the American.  We will read a wide array of humor theories in conjunction with a collection of humorous performances and consider the social, political, and cultural ideas that can be realized through humor.  To these ends, we will look at humorous performances of specific ethnicities and genders within the framework of the complex development of American identities.
Meeting Pattern: Fridays, 9:30 am - 12:20 pm
  • Credit Hours: 3

UNHL 2755  UHL Seminar


University faculty, community leaders, and representatives of for-profit and not-for-profit organizations will address the UHL seminar on a wide variety of topics. The seminar exposes UHL students to many different issues, attitudes, problems, careers, and activities. First year UHL students must enroll in both the fall and spring semesters.

  • Credit Hours:  1
  • Course Type:  UHL Core



UNHL 3150  Negotiation, Bargaining, and Leadership


This course integrates leadership theory and practice within a principled negotiation philosophy.  Students will develop lifelong negotiation skills that reflect a principled negotiation framework for conflict management and strategic bargaining.  We utilize scenarios from the Project on Negotiation at Harvard and focus on real-life cases that provide insights and skills training across multiple contexts, such as:  healthcare settings, environmental disputes, organizational conflicts, personal challenges, and consumer dilemmas.  Students will be involved in at least 12 negotiation simulations over the course of the semester.

  • Credit Hours:  3
  • Course Type:  Leadership Studies Track
  • Core Areas:  Humanities, Behavioral Science,  Social Science, Natural Science, Cultural Diversity,  International Perspectives

UNHL 3310  Innovation, Cutting-Edge Knowledge, and Self-Guided Learning


The purpose of this course is to familiarize students with cutting-edge knowledge in major scientific and technological fields, against the background of cultural and artistic creativity, and to establish habits of life-long, self-guided learning.  To enhance this process, relevant faculty will be invited to speak about innovation in their field, both in class and during the planned panel discussions.

  • Credit Hours:  3
  • Course Type:  Leadership Studies Track
  • Core Areas:   Arts, Natural and Physical Sciences, Humanities, Social Science, Behavioral Science,  International Perspectives

UNHL 3501  Love and Death in the Greek Classics


This course introduces students to classical Greek literature, focusing on love and death in Homeric epic, lyric poetry, tragic drama, the history and social science of Thucydides, the comedies of Aristophanes, and Plato's philosophical dialogues.

  • Course Type:  Academic Honors Tracks
  • Core Areas:  Arts, Humanities, Social Science, International Perspectives

UNHL 3625  Food Justice:  Urban Agriculture, Place, and Culture


Food justice addresses systemic inequities in access to fresh and healthy food as illustrated by neighborhoods termed "food deserts."  Questions examined include how sustainable/ethical relationships can be established between the activity of growing food and creating community, developing consciousness of place, and affirming cultural food/agricultural traditions.  The history of community/school gardens, land and food desert inventories, food security assessments, and policies governing urban agriculture and food producing animals are also addressed.

  • Credit Hours:  3
  • Course Type:  Academic Honors Track
  • Core Areas:   Natural and Physical Sciences, Social Science, Humanities, Cultural Diversity


UNHL 4815  The Science of Food:  Understanding the Link between Diet, Culture, and Disease


"Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food" - Hippocrates 421 BC.  This course will introduce students to the science of food and how it relates to health, the human body, and the manifestation of chronic disease (cancer, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease).  We will also consider cultural, economic, and environmental consequences of industrial versus local, sustainable organic farming and how this has shaped our sense of family and community, and our connection with the Earth.

    • Credit Hours: 3
    • Course Type: Hybrid (counts for either track)
    • Core Areas:   Natural Science, Behavioral Science,  Social Science, Cultural Diversity, International Perspectives





UNHL 4992   UHL Senior Research Seminar I & II


Capstone experience for UHL program - spring semester.  Students will work in teams on research projects of a multi-disciplinary nature.   This course is the second part of the two-semester Senior Research Seminar that is required for all UHL students.  The Seminar is open only to fourth-year UHL students preparing to graduate in spring.

  • Credit Hours: 2
  • Course Type: UHL Core

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