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Featured: Roshan Patel

After graduating from the University Honors and Leadership Program, Roshan Patel (Class of 2013) got a job as a TA for General Chemistry 1 while finishing up his undergraduate courses. 

Roshan is teaching two sections of Gen Chem 1 while managing his coursework for classes. For his job, he creates and plans the lectures, grades, and proctors exams. Because it takes time to plan the lessons, Roshan has to maintain a balance between his classes and his job to make sure he gives enough time to both. 

Because most of the kids in Gen Chem 1 have no experience in chemistry, Roshan is able to help them understand and make sense of it. "It's really cool to see how they think chemistry can be a cool thing", says Roshan. Not only does he help other students comprehend the subject, but he also uses this opportunity to learn and perfect his knowledge of chemistry. 

Roshan has really enjoyed his time working as a TA and will be going to Dentistry school next fall. "Everyone should look into being a TA - not only is a great leadership opportunity but also a great experience" says Roshan.

                                       - Reported by Sarah Sarwana

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