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University of Colorado Denver

Center for Pre-Collegiate

Pre-Collegiate Health Careers Program

Program Eligibility

A. Eligibility- Students MUST

    1. Attend a target high school;
    2. Be a first generation college bound student (neither of whose natural or adoptive parent(s) received a baccalaureate degree);
    3. Maintain a minimum of a 3.0 grade point average.

In addition, the student MUST also meet one or more of the following requirements:

    1. Be a member of one-parent family;
    2. Be the eldest in the family; or
    3. Have a desire to continue their education beyond high school.


B. Participant/Parent Responsibilities- The Program is committed to providing students every opportunity to develop their academic skills, succeed in high school and be admitted into an institution of higher education of their choice. However, students will gain full benefit from their experiences and fulfill their educational potential only to the extent that they commit themselves to the goals of the Program and actively participate in the activities.

Therefore, the Program will expect its participants to:

    1. Attend, commit, and be involved with all Program activities; (this includes the two-week and five-week summer program on campus);
    2. Follow a college preparatory curriculum as recommended by the Program staff and high school counselor;
    3. Cooperate with the Program's staff in all program related matters; and
    4. Attend tutorial and other help sessions as recommended by Program staff, high school counselor, and/or teachers.


C. Application Process- Students desiring to participate in the Pre-Collegiate Health Careers Program are encouraged to apply through a high school liaison. The high school liaison must submit the following materials/credentials for each student applicant:

    1. Application Form;
    2. Counselor Recommendation Form;
    3. Two recommendations from two of the student's teachers (at least one must be from a math, science, or English teacher);
    4. An unofficial copy of the student's high school transcript; and
    5. A copy of one of the following: Colorado issued ID, Social Security Card, Birth Certificate, Passport, Permanent Resident, or a letter of acceptance from INS.

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