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Academic Technology

Technology Trends in Health Care


July 2013

Some items presented by Daniel Kraft during AACP Talk - 14 July 2013

Daniel is on Faculty at Singularity University – Silicon Valley near Google Centered on improving Health Care via technologies. FutureMed Conference – San Diego, November 3rd - 6th 2013 -

Item 1. Access to medicines via drones in the developing world

Item 2. Mobile phone applications for Health Care

Apps for Healthcare Professionals (Google - mobile apps for healthcare professionals)

Item 3. Diagnostic Tools based on Mobile Phone Devices

  • Glucose recordings and measurement

    • Recent review - Tran, J., Tran, R., & White, J. R. (2012). Smartphone-based glucose monitors and applications in the management of diabetes: An overview of 10 salient “apps” and a novel smartphone- connected blood glucose monitor. Clinical Diabetes, 30(4), 173–178.
    • iBGSTAR (available now - $72-100)
    • Dario glucose meter for smartphone (under review - maybe available late 2013) - and Promo ad on YouTube -
  • Heart Rate monitors - multiple examples
  • EKG