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What is Rx Consult?
Rx Consult is a comprehensive medication consultation provided by the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus Skaggs School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences and the University of Colorado Health and Welfare Trust, and Be Colorado wellness program. This program enables pharmacists to improve medication outcomes through drug therapy review, patient education, and direct patient consultation.

During an Rx Consult visit, a pharmacist faculty member will offer confidential medication counseling, help you better understand how your medications work together, and help you get optimal benefit from your prescribed therapies.

Who needs a medication consultation?
Medication consultations can be useful to anyone who takes medications currently or will be taking medications in the near future. However, a medication consultation is especially important for people who:

  • Take multiple medications
  • Receive medication prescriptions from multiple healthcare providers
  • Have multiple health conditions or complicated conditions
  • Have difficulty affording or remembering to take their medications

What are the benefits of a medication consultation?
Working with you and your healthcare providers, we are able to:

  • Ensure prescribed medications are effective and appropriately monitored
  • Ensure that drug therapy is safe, does not cause unwanted side effects or drug interactions, and is well tolerated (including over-the-counter medications or supplements)
  • Explain what each of your medications are for and how they work
  • Identify lower cost medication alternatives
  • Assist with any barriers to taking your medications

Who is eligible and how much does it cost?
Rx Consult is available to all employees and adult dependents who are insured by a University of Colorado Health and Welfare Trust Plan (currently UA Net, Lumenos, University Kaiser Permanente, and HMO Colorado). Employers using the Health and Welfare Trust plans include the University of Colorado, University Physicians, Inc. (UPI), and University of Colorado Hospital (UCH).

Visits are free of charge.

Where do these consultations take place and how do I get started?
Visits are scheduled at various locations on the Boulder, Anschutz Medical, Denver, Colorado Springs and System campuses. You can see times and locations and schedule appointments online by clicking here.

What do the visits entail and what do I need to bring with me?
Most visits last approximately 30 minutes, but longer visits may be needed depending on the complexity of your medication regimen and the questions you have. During these visits, you will meet with a pharmacist faculty provider who will:

  • Review all of your medications to help you understand how and why they are used
  • Help organize your medications
  • Identify any potential drug interactions or side effects
  • Answer any questions or concerns about your medications
  • Work with you and your healthcare provider(s) to ensure that your medications are being used optimally and are the most cost-effective

If needed, follow-up appointments can be scheduled. These follow-up visits can occur in-person or by telephone.

What to bring:

  • All of your medications, including pill boxes, prescriptions, over-the-counter medications, herbals, vitamins, dietary supplements, inhalers and eye drops.  If your medication requires refrigeration, you do not need to bring these with you to your appointment, but make sure to write down the information from that prescription.
  • A list of any medication allergies.
  • Any testing device and supplies that you use regularly, such as a blood pressure monitor or a glucometer. If you keep a log of these values, please bring the log as well.
  • A list of questions or concerns about your medications.

It is also useful to know what medications you have used in the past that didn't work well, or you didn't tolerate.

Will the faculty provider change my medications?
We will not change any of your medications during these visits. However, with your consent, we may contact your other healthcare provider(s) to offer suggestions for improving your therapy or lowering the overall costs associated with you medications.  We may also give you suggestions of things to discuss with your healthcare provider(s) to improve your therapy or lower drug costs.

What type of training do the School of Pharmacy faculty have to provide this service?
Faculty providers have completed their Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) degree and at least three additional years of residency and/or fellowship training in pharmacotherapy.  They are actively involved in research and also maintain clinical practice sites at University of Colorado outpatient clinics, where they work closely with physicians and other providers to offer similar services.

Our pharmacists:

Will my employer find out what medications I take?
No, like any healthcare entity, your privacy and personal health information is protected and never shared without your consent.  However, we may request consent to share the information you provide during the visit with your other healthcare providers to improve the use of your medications.

I've received information in the mail from Anthem about my medications.  Is this the same thing?
No, the mailings that Anthem has done in the past provide general information about your medications based on paid claims.  The clinical faculty providers will ask you for a complete medication history and if you are seen at one of the university clinics, they will work with your providers and be able to access your medical records that will allow them to provide more specific information and recommendations to you and your providers. 

Who do I contact with questions about RxConsult?
For questions or additional information about the service, you may e-mail or leave a voice message at (303) 724-6607.