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University of Colorado Denver


Faculty Committees

Experiential Education

The Experiential Education Committee shall consist of at least four faculty members, four students, two preceptors, the director of experiential programs (ex-officio, non-voting), two assistant directors of experiential education (ex-officio), the associate dean for professional education (ex officio, non-voting), and report to the faculty and administration.  The committee is a standing faculty committee in the School charged by the Dean to foster the highest quality experiential education in the professional program and to review and recommend policies, standards, and development of practice sites, preceptors, and students.

Charges to the Committee:

  1. Develop and implement policies for experiential programs as approved by the faculty and the dean.
  2. Meet accreditation standards for experiential programs and prepare requisite reports in a timely fashion.
  3. Take a scholarly approach to identify, evaluate and recommend/implement improvements in assessment instruments and methods to assure quality assessment and advancement of the experiential program. 
  4. Assure that the experiential assessment process supports ongoing review by the Assessment and Curriculum Committees
  5. Develop recommendations for curricular and pedagogical revision to provide better alignment of experiential with skills, CPC, etc., to assure optimal student learning and outcomes. 

2015 – 2016 Experiential Education Committee

  • Members
    • Randy Knutsen, Chair
    • Three Faculty Members

  • Former Chair
    • Joe Vandegriend

  • Ex-Officio Members
    • Kari Franson
    • Eric Gilliam
    • Wes Nuffer​
    • Meghan Thompson
    • Toral Patel