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University of Colorado Denver


Faculty Committees

Awards and Scholarships

The Awards & Scholarship Committee shall consist of at least three faculty members, one pharmacy professional, one alumnus and report to the faculty and administration.  The committee is a standing faculty committee in the School charged by the Dean to determine the students who best meet the criteria for awards and scholarships.

Charges to the Committee:

  1. Development and dissemination of written policies for naming student recipients of School of Pharmacy awards and scholarships.
  2. Recommend to the faculty and Dean appropriate students to receive academic and/or professional practice or service awards and scholarships.
  3. Review ad hoc requests from other awarding groups (Professional groups, University, Dean’s office) and recommend to the faculty and Dean appropriate nominees.

2015-2016 Awards & Scholarship Committee

  • Members
    • Connie Valdez, Chair
    • Four Faculty Members

  • Former Chair
    • Krishna Mallela

  • Ex-Officio Members
    • Beverly Brunson
​ ​​​