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University of Colorado Denver

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Experiential Training

Rotations – North American-Trained PharmD Program

Currently, all six APPE rotations are five weeks or 200 hours long. North American-Trained PharmD (NTPD) students must perform at least two advanced pharmacy practice experience (APPE) rotations out of the six total APPEs. The remaining four APPEs may be completed through credit-by-challenge submissions, provided the NTPD student has the appropriate work experience.

  • Drug Information – Required*
  • Ambulatory Care – Required
  • Hospital Clinical – Required
  • Elective One
  • Elective Two
  • Elective Three

For Canadian NTPD students, ACPE accreditation standards specify the three required APPE rotations, which are drug information, ambulatory care and hospital clinical, to be performed in the United States if the student joined the NTPD Program after July 1, 2007. However, elective APPE rotations can be completed in Canada.

The Distance Degrees and Programs (DDP) Office will make every attempt to arrange rotations at sites near the student’s workplace, and rotations may be available on a part-time basis in cooperation with the preceptor. Some rotations may receive approval if a conflict of interest is not present at the student’s practice site. Students are asked to remain flexible, as some regions of the country, including rural areas, have limited rotations sites. In those cases, NTPD students will complete their rotations in Colorado.  All Colorado rotations are six weeks in length, or 240 hours, and completed on a full-time or 40 hour per week basis.

*Drug Information Rotation – NTPD students will complete the drug information rotation first. The drug information rotation provides students with skills, which are essential to be successful in subsequent rotations. Students may complete the drug information rotation through a traditional rotation site, such as a drug information center, or through the NTPD Program’s online drug information rotation. Students work one-on-one with an experienced drug information preceptor by email and phone, and have similar learning experiences to those offered in an on-site university-based drug information center, such as responding to questions, preparing newsletters and drug formulary monographs, and participating in journal clubs. The online drug information rotation is offered every semester. In addition, the online drug information rotation is considered as one of the two required live rotations. All students should review the APPE Drug Information Rotation Manual. Further eligibility information about this rotation can be found in the rotation pre-requisite below.

Manual and Policies – The DDP Office recommends all NTPD students read through the documents linked below to learn more about the APPE rotations, including the pre-requisites to begin rotations.

APPE Online Drug Information Manual – For the online drug information rotation

APPE Rotation Manual – For all other APPE rotations

Experiential Planning Policy

Rotation Prep Policy – Immunization and Certifications

Advance Pharmacy Practice Experience Rotation Policy

Elective Rotations Completed Outside the United States and Canada Policy

Rotation Site Availability and Drop Policy