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Nicaragua/Costa Rica

Type: privately owned community pharmacy starting in Nicaragua and ending in Costa Rica

  • During half days, students will give clinical diagnosis to patients, educate patients, recommend appropriate treatment plans, and give immunizations

Site: Common Ground International

Location: Nicaragua and San Isidro de Heredia, Costa Rica

Language: Spanish

  • Students will be enrolled in 100 hours of intensive medical Spanish and general Spanish courses taught by Native Spanish speakers
  • Requirement: no language requirement, but some experience with Spanish is recommended as students will be working with patients in Spanish-only situations. Typically, 2 years of High School, 1+ years of College Spanish -or- having successfully completed the School of Pharmacy Spanish Elective will suffice as a foundation for this rotation.

Housing: with host family

  • Students are expected to interact in Spanish in the home, participate in family activities, and build lifelong relationships


  • Students will join Common Ground International's team of physicians, nurses, and PA's for 2-3 weeks of your trip as we set up medical clinics in impoverished communities surrounding the capital city San Jose. The primary role of the student in these clinics will be managing the Common Ground pharmacy and medications dispensed, but they will also be involved in interviewing, diagnosing and treating patients, providing patient education on a variety of topics such as proper nutrition, proper hygiene, female sexual health, addictions and drug/alcohol abuse, and basic anatomy/body systems.
  • Students will also go on hospital visits and work on community service projects

Length: 5 weeks (only available during Block 2)


  • Nicaragua/Costa Rica combo: $4350 (not including flights)
  • Costa Rica only: $4695 (not including flights)