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Faculty Committees

Scholastic Advancement and Appeals Committee

The Scholastic Advancement and Appeals Committee (SAAC) shall consist of at least five faculty members, and reports to the faculty and administration. The committee is a standing faculty committee in the School charged by the Dean to monitor students’ progression through the School’s academic programs and make recommendations concerning advancement, suspension or dismissal of students from the professional program.  Representatives from experiential, NTPD, and the skills series may be asked to attend committee meetings as students familiar to them are presented.

Charges to the Committee:

  1. Develop and implement policies for student advancement and appeals in the professional program as approved by the faculty and the dean.
  2. Evaluate students with substandard academic, behavioral and/or professional performance as demonstrated by non-progression or non-passing grades, or by poor performance in their IPPEs or APPEs, and recommend appropriate action to the associate dean for academic affairs.
  3. Continue to monitor academic and professional standards issues within the program and make recommendations to the faculty and the dean with respect to mechanisms to improve the development, monitoring and enforcement of academic and professional standards within the School. 

2017-2018 Scholastic Advancement and Appeals Committee

  • Members
    • Tom Anchordoquy, Chair
    • Six Faculty Members

  • Ex-Officio Members
    • Cathy Jarvis
    • Toni Qualantone