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University of Colorado Denver

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Research Centers

Center for Translational Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacogenomics

The center is a collaborative group of pharmacokinetics and pharmacogenomics experts with the scientific and technical expertise, knowledge, and physical resources to conduct high-level translational research in these fields.

Key Terms

  • Pharmacokinetics: the study of the time course of absorption, distribution, metabolism, and excretion (i.e., disposition) of drugs in the body.
  • Pharmacodynamics: the study of the relationship between drug concentrations and drug response in the body.
  • Pharmacogenomics: the study of how genetic variation influences interindividual variability in drug disposition and response.

How we can help you with your research

Academic and private investigators who wish to incorporate pharmacokinetics and pharmacogenomics into their research programs are invited to contact the Center for opportunities to collaborate with members.

Center Members

Peter L. Anderson PharmD
Phone: 303-724-6128 E-mail:

  • Focus: clinical pharmacology of antiretroviral drugs. Experience: clinical pharmacokinetics, pharmacology study design, intracellular nucleoside analog methodology, and novel approaches for adherence monitoring.

Christina L. Aquilante PharmD
Phone: 303-724-6126 Email:

  • Focus: Cardiometabolic pharmacogenomics and clinical pharmacology. Experience: clinical pharmacogenomics, pharmacokinetics, drug-drug interaction studies

David W.A. Bourne PhD
Phone: 303-724-6112 Email:

  • Focus: basic pharmacokinetic modeling, non-compartmental, compartmental, PBPK, PK/PD modeling. PharmPK forum moderator. Software development - Boomer.

Erica L. Bradshaw-Pierce PhD
Phone: 303-724-6577 Email:

Melanie S. Joy PharmD, PhD
Phone: 303-724-7416 Email:

  • Focus: clinical pharmacology of drugs and biologics in adult and pediatric special populations with acute and chronic kidney diseases due to numerous primary and secondary etiologies. Expertise in both pre-dialysis and dialysis populations. Experience: pharmacology study design, clinical pharmacokinetics, in vivo and in vitro dialysis methodologies, basic pharmacokinetic modeling of in vitro and in vivo data, non-compartmental, compartmental, PBPK, PK/PD modeling, and pharmacogenomics.

Jennifer J. Kiser PharmD
Phone: 303-724-6131 Email:

  • Focus: Clinical pharmacology of antiviral drugs in persons with viral hepatitis and special populations with HIV. Co-director of the Colorado Antiviral Pharmacology laboratory. Experience with pharmacology trial design and population pharmacokinetic modeling.

Michael F. Wempe PhD
Phone: 303-724-8982 Email:

Technical Resources


  • HPLC with UV, Fluorescence, PDA
  • LC-MS (ThermoScientific MSQ)
  • LC-MS-MS (ThermoScientific TSQ Quantum)
  • UPLC-MS-MS (ThermoScientific Accela-TSQ Vantage)


  • DNA isolation
  • Polymerase Chain Reaction
  • Pyrosequencing

Software Resources


    • PDx-POP
    • Pirana
    • PsN
    • Xpose4
  • Phoenix Academic Bundle
    • Phoenix WinNonlin
    • NLME
    • IVIVC
    • Connect
  • Simcyp Simulator
  • Simcyp Animal
  • Boomer


  • Biotage Primer Design Software
  • PHASE (for haplotype analysis)

Study Design and Statistical Analysis

  • PASS Power and Sample Size Software
  • SPSS Statistical Analysis Software
  • SAS Statistical Analysis Software