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University of Colorado Denver


Core Facilities

Mass Spectrometry


The facility was established by the School of Pharmacy to centralize and organize the mass spectrometry instrumentation and proteomics capabilities. The purpose of the facility is to provide support to the faculty members of the Department of Toxicology and Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences and to the greater University of Colorado. The facility utilizes advanced mass spectrometry instrumentation and techniques to assist researchers with their proteomic and small molecule research. As a department resource we strive to foster an educational and collaborative environment, and are committed to providing personal service to its users.


The mass spectrometry facility offers a range of services for researchers doing proteomics or small molecule research. We are continually working to add new services so please contact the facility directly if you do not see a specific service listed or if you are unsure about how to best utilized mass spectrometry in your research. If we are unable to provide the type of analysis you require we can often refer you to another facility that can.

Current Instrumentation

  • Bruker Omniflex: A Bench top MALDI-TOF system suitable for both intact proteins and peptides.
  • Waters Quattro LC: Triple quadrapole system suited for small molecule work and quanitation experiments.
  • Waters Q-Tof 2: Hybrid Quadrapole-Time of Flight instrument for intact proteins as well as small molecule, exact mass work.
  • Bruker HCT: Ion Trap equipped for nano-flow, high sensitivity proteomics experiments.
  • ABI 4800 Plus: MALDI-TOF/TOF capable of acquiring high sensitivity, high mass accuracy data in very short time frames. It has the additional advantage over standard MALDI-TOF of being able to perform MS/MS.