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University of Colorado Denver

Pharmacy students in white coats

International-Trained PharmD Program

Program Description


The International-Trained PharmD (ITPD) Program is an entry-level Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) program for pharmacists who graduated with a bachelor’s degree (or equivalent) in pharmacy from any locally-approved or accredited college or university program outside the United States or Canada. The goal of the ITPD Program is to educate pharmacists worldwide who will expand the practice of pharmacist-provided, patient-centered care and better meet the healthcare needs of their home countries. All students have up to six years to complete the program requirements in either a part- or full-time format. Students can complete the program requirements in as few as three years when enrolled as a full-time student.

Prior to admission into the ITPD Program, applicants are required to pass two pharmacy foundation competency exams comprised of multiple topics. These exams will assure baseline knowledge in coursework covered in the pharmacy foundational sciences courses in the entry-level Doctor of Pharmacy program and likely the coursework provided in the applicant’s bachelor’s of science in pharmacy program. More information about the pharmacy foundations competency exams can be found on the ITPD Program Admissions Requirements website page.

The ITPD Program is primarily a distance-based program, yet the ITPD Program does require students to come to Colorado twice during the curriculum. During these visits, students complete program requirements through live sessions, which occur at the beginning and toward the end of the curriculum. The first live session includes four weeks of on-campus training, which provides in-person interaction, individualized education and support, and introductory pharmacy practice experiences (IPPEs). The second live session occurs after students finish didactic coursework; it is also when students complete advanced pharmacy practice experience (APPE) rotations. Students can complete the APPE rotations within six to nine months. In addition, students do not have to complete the APPE rotations consecutively, so students do have the option to come to Colorado for shorter periods of time during the second live session.


Program Coursework/Timeline Overview

3 Years (Flexible up to 6 years)

Live Session I

Distance-Based Curriculum

Live Session II

Live Rotations

7 Credit Hours

42 Credit Hours

5 Credit Hours

36 Credit Hours

Summer Semester
4 weeks

~2 years

Summer Semester
4 weeks

~9 months

On campus in Colorado


-Live didactic courses:
 - US-based practice foundations
 - Clinical skills and communications foundations

-Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experiences (IPPEs)


 - Online courses, including asynchronous and teleconferenced learning activities:
 - Pharmacotherapy series
 - Evidence-based medicine series
 - Other foundational courses

-Includes some IPPEs



On campus in Colorado

-Live didactic courses:
 -Skills development

- Advanced IPPEs

Occurs in the U.S.

-Complete 6 Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience rotations; 6 weeks each: Can be completed in one continuous duration or over multiple trips to the U.S.

-One elective rotation may be completed outside of the US, upon approval

~ denotes flexibility based upon the individual student.  All coursework must be completed within six years.