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Experiential Program

Program Staff

Welcome to the Office of Experiential Programs (OEP) at the University of Colorado School of Pharmacy. In collaboration with the practice community, our vision is that we will be a leader in the provision of experiential education, which advances the profession and its mission to serve society. To fulfill our mission of leadership, we design and evaluate introductory and advanced learning experiences to educate students to think and act as independent pharmacy practitioners.

Under the directorship of Dr. Megan Thompson, we are available to provide you with information regarding experiential education courses, meeting administrative requirements, selecting introductory pharmacy practice experiences (IPPE) and matching with sites for advanced pharmacy practice experiences (APPE). Your feedback is always welcomed, so we encourage you to stop by for a visit.

Associate Professor and Director of Experiential Programs
Megan Thompson, PharmD
Phone: 303-724-2659
Dr. Megan Thompson's Faculty Page

Assistant Director of Experiential Programs
Wesley Nuffer, PharmD, BCPS, CDE
Telephone: 303-724-2654
Dr. Wesley Nuffer's Faculty Page​

Assistant Director of Experiential Programs
Eric Gilliam, PharmD, BCPS
Telephone: 303-724-8327
Dr. Eric Gilliam's Faculty Page

Program Administrator
Greg Lee
Phone: 303-724-2652

Contracts Coordinator
Cindy Subia
Phone: 303-724-2657

Sr. Academic Coordinator
Jay Bolan
Phone: 303-724-4348

Sr. Student Services Specialist
Patricia Meyer
Phone: 303-724-2655

Colorado Outreach Coordinator
Wendy Anderson
Phone: 303-724-2619

Out of State and International Outreach Coordinator
Meredith Cole
Phone: 303-724-9289