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 Presentations Recorded Saturday, 02 February, 2014


Speaker: Barbara Bennett, Surface Water Assessor, Colorado Water Quality Control Division, CDPHE; Chair, CREEC

What Are the Effects of Pharmaceuticals in Aquatic Ecosystems?

Speaker: Larry Barber, PhD, Research Geochemist, US Geological Survey

Proper Disposal of Waste Pharmaceuticals from Homes and Health Care Facilities

Speakers: Greg Fabisiak, Environmental Integration Coordinator, Division of Environmental Health & Sustainability, CDPHE;
Kathryn Stewart, Compliance Assurance Unit Leader, Materials Waste Management Division, CDPHE

Pharmacists Making A Difference: A Pharmacy Medication Take-back Program

Speaker: Stuart Read, RPh, Director, Pharmacy Services, Vail Valley Medical Center

Pharmacists Making a Difference: Running a Pharmacy with Donated Medications

Speaker: Frieda Martin, RPh, Pharmacy Manager, TLC Pharmacy

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