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Henry Strauss

Henry Strauss

Globe Trotting Alum Airlifted Out of the Wilds

At 81 years young, Henry Strauss, ’51 RPh, is still going strong. The only obstacles for this octogenarian seem to be heat and humidity. Trips that would exhaust a much younger man are a cakewalk for Strauss. But his recent excursion to India with his wife, Joan, proved too much for this world traveler. Heat, humidity and the lack of air conditioning were his undoing.
Visiting South Asia specifically to expand Joan’s international adoption agency, International Adoption Net (IAN), the Strauss’ decided to merge business with pleasure and “see the sights.” IAN, a non-profit organization, was contacted by the Nepalese government in the hopes that Joan would consider adding Nepal to the roster of countries she represents. Currently, IAN places more than 100 children annually from a variety of countries including Uzbekistan, Guatemala, Kazakhstan, and Ethiopia.

So, for 18 days, the Strauss’ visited orphanages, talked with facilitators, and managed to squeeze in visits to the Taj Mahal, the Amer Fort and Palace in Jaipur, Kathmandu, the Ganges River, Tibet, and a trip to the Royal Chitwan National Park. And it’s that trip into the jungle that proved to be the proverbial “straw that broke the camel’s back” for Strauss.

April in South Asia is not like springtime in the Rockies. With 100+ degree temperatures and equal amounts of humidity, the weather can be oppressive. But liberal amounts of air conditioning relieve the sweltering heat. Unfortunately for Strauss, a five hour excursion into the jungle via bus, riverboat and Jeep -- sans air conditioning -- ended with heat exhaustion, a call to the American embassy, and a helicopter ride back to civilization.

“Once out of the jungle, I bounced right back. But that trek into the jungle was rough,” says Strauss.

After a few months in dry, cool Colorado, Strauss and his wife are ready for their next adventure. But you can be sure that they will double check the fine print wherever they travel to ensure that air conditioning is included!