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Are you interested in improving public health and bringing technologies to market?


Graduate student Shelley Durazo makes a case for bioentrepreneurship:

Many students are aware of the steady decline in federal grant funding including a 7.8% decline in NIH funding (a $2.4 Billion reduction)​ in 2013 alone. In order to sustain research and development at our academic institutions including the University of Colorado Denver, scientists and clinicians will need to engage in entrepreneurial decision making. A similar scenario is happening on the industry side; seed funding for startup companies to initiate preclinical development is also drying up. The only way for academic institutions and small startup companies to survive is to strengthen our collaboration and resources. This is achievable when academic scientists and clinicians are entrepreneurial in how they conduct business with industry.

As a graduate student in an academic setting, I am supporting this revolution to promote collaboration between academia and industry to get our technologies to market. Not only will these technologies have a significant impact on public health, but they will provide funds for academia to continue scientific research.

The key to success in developing these connections and obtaining this alternate source of funds for academic research is to provide training on bioentrepreneurship to the scientific and clinical communities.
Dr. Arlen Meyers is the director of the Bioinnovation and Entrepreneurship Certificate Program Offered at the Bard Center. Courses include Building Biotechnologies and Legal and Regulatory Environment.
Bioentrepreneurship training will be significant for any students interested in working in industry, academia, public health, or public policy.

For any questions or concerns, please contact Dr. Arlen Meyers:

The Legal and Regulatory Environment course starts this Fall (Fall 2012).

Visit the link below to visit the program website for the Bioinnovation and Entrepreneurship Certificate