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Strategic Plan 2015-2020

 Strategic initiative 1: Provide expanded and innovative educational opportunities

Goal 1.1: Offer professional and graduate level degree and non-degree programs that are responsive to the needs of society and the profession.

Goal 1.2: Introduce new approaches to enhance student learning and success.

Goal 1.3: Enhance the infrastructure to advance the education mission of the school.

Goal 1.4: Expand high quality postgraduate, doctoral and postdoctoral training programs​​


 Strategic initiative 2: Advance the practice of pharmacy

Goal 2.1: Pioneer a provider role and reimbursement for pharmacist-provided health care services in Colorado.

Goal 2.2: Expand pharmacist-delivered patient care programs to enhance student learning opportunities and health care in Colorado.

Goal 2.3: Expand practice relationships with external partners.

Goal 2.4: Expand the role of clinical pharmacy services within the University of Colorado Health System.​


 Strategic initiative 3: Improve health through research and scholarship

Goal 3.1: Enhance collaborations between SSPPS investigators and internal and external investigators.

Goal 3.2: Enhance administrative and financial infrastructure that supports excellence in research and scholarship.

Goal 3.3: Enhance training opportunities for investigators, including faculty, postdocs and graduate and pharmacy students.

Goal 3.4: Develop key strategic areas of research for targeted investment.​


 Strategic initiative 4: Provide leadership and service to our communities

Goal 4.1: Support the school’s programs that meet the societal needs of local, national and international communities.

Goal 4.2: Expand international programmatic partnerships in areas of education, research, scholarship and practice.​


 Strategic initiative 5: Achieve excellence through continuous quality improvement

Goal 5.1: Renew our comprehensive programmatic assessment and evaluation plan.

Goal 5.2: Foster a culture of professionalism and inclusiveness among faculty, staff and students.

Goal 5.3: Establish a new Advisory Council for the school.​​​


 Strategic initiative 6: Diversify financial resources

Goal 6.1: Explore and develop entrepreneurial opportunities that enhance revenues to support school programs and initiatives.

Goal 6.2: Establish a 501(c)(3) corporation.

Goal 6.3: Collaborate with Anschutz Medical Campus deans and University of Colorado Denver central administration to develop new revenue streams to assist in the financing of the health professions schools.​​


 Strategic initiative 7: Develop futurist strategies

Goal 7.1: Develop recommendations that promote transformative innovations in education, research and practice.

Goal 7.2: Establish a visiting scholar/expert program to foster new ideas/approaches to all mission areas and serve as a resource for futurist strategies.

Goal 7.3: Develop strategic partnerships or alliances that create new opportunities for the school.​​


Strategic Plan 201​5-2020: Winter 2015 Assessment