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University of Colorado Denver

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About the Skaggs School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences


The University of Colorado Skaggs School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences is a comprehensive institution of higher education committed to excellence in teaching, research and public/professional service in areas related to the practice of pharmacy and to the pharmaceutical sciences. The school's professional educational programs have as their principal purpose the education of pharmacy practitioners who are compassionate, ethical and caring;  scientifically knowledgeable and technically competent;  skilled at communication and teamwork;  motivated to pursue lifelong learning;  and dedicated to fulfilling the public trust by assuring the safe, effective and efficient use of prescription and non-prescription drug products.

The school's faculty endorses the concept that pharmacist-delivered patient care, including the responsible provision of drug therapy and medication therapy management services for the purpose of achieving health outcomes that improve a patient's quality of life, constitutes the essence of the pharmacy profession and as such must provide the foundation for every aspect of the school's professional curriculum.  Faculty members are committed to teaching excellence and to continuous monitoring of the professional curriculum to assure its faithfulness and relevance to the principles of pharmacist-delivered patient care.  Pursuant to this commitment, faculty members welcome the scrutiny provided by student and peer assessments and by outcomes measurements that assess overall teaching quality and lead the way to improvements in the school's instructional programs. 

The faculty also is dedicated to scientific discovery in the basic, translational and clinical sciences, research and scholarship in pharmaceutical outcomes and education and the dissemination of new knowledge.  Encouraging faculty members to engage in creative activities that have a positive impact on the well-being of society, providing these faculty members with the resources necessary to develop into accomplished scholars and supporting graduate, post-graduate and post-professional research training programs are major priorities of the School of Pharmacy.

The faculty recognizes the value of diversity in enriching the school's cultural, learning and scholarly environment and is dedicated to promoting diversity within itself and among its faculty, staff and students.  To achieve this goal, the school makes every effort to recruit and retain individuals from a spectrum of diverse backgrounds.  The faculty of the school acknowledges its responsibility to provide service to its communities, including the underserved, through direct patient care and other service-oriented endeavors and to advance the profession of pharmacy through public advocacy, provision of opportunities for life-long learning and participation in the affairs of local, national and international pharmacy and scientific organizations.

Download the Dean's State of the School Presentation - December 4, 2013 (PDF)​​​​​​