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University of Colorado College of Nursing

College of Nursing

RN to BS Program Offers Flexibility to Work While Earning Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing.

Terencio Neto-Franco

Terencio Neto-Franco

For Terencio Neto-Franco, the RN to BS program at the College of Nursing was the perfect way to earn his bachelor’s degree in nursing. As a RN working full-time, Neto-Franco needed a program that provided him with the flexibility of online classes at a university that would help him advance his career. “I wanted a program that was well recognized. I wanted to really learn to be a better nurse and I knew that CU was going to be the right school for me,” he says.

Currently, Neto-Franco is a clinical coordinator for a cardiac observation unit in one of Denver’s major hospitals. In order to be eligible for this position, he needed a BS in nursing. Pursing his degree at the College of Nursing allowed him to learn the skills and knowledge he needed to advance his career and make him a better and more capable nurse. “The program really helped me understand nursing administration in a hospital and how important evidence-based practice is in nursing. It’s great to be a caring nurse and want people to get better, but to have that knowledge makes the difference.”

The RN to BS online classes, group discussions and a breadth of diversity were Neto-Franco’s favorite aspects of the program. As an immigrant from Brazil, studying in a second language posed a unique challenge that he had to work hard to overcome. The group discussions gave him a chance to learn from the viewpoints of his peers while sharing his as well. “The classes had a real variety of culture, and I learned a lot about society. I was glad that I could share some of my culture and my experiences in a third world country because there are a lot of people who take for granted what they have.”

“Nursing is such a wonderful career—you get paid to help people every day. I go to work and I am happy with what I do. The money is wonderful, but for me it is more important that I am going to be happy doing this for the rest of my life.”