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Rachael Insco: Little White Nursing Bag Inspires a Nursing Dream

RN-BS student interested in pursuing health care informatics

Rachel Insco

On the day her uncle was returning home from serving overseas, three-year-old Rachael Insco, along with her aunt, grandmother and mom, drove 90 miles to the airport to pick him up.  After many hugs and tears, Insco’s uncle knelt down, fished around in his backpack, and pulled out a hand-knitted red and white nursing bag, which he handed to the toddler.  Later on that day, hand-in-hand, Rachael and her uncle went to a five and dime store and purchased band aids, a toy stethoscope and everything else a little nurse could need.

“I carried that bag everywhere,” Insco laughs.

Working as a medical biller and coder, Insco had the opportunity to fulfill her nursing dream in her later thirties when her hospital rolled out a program that offered flexible scheduling and tuition reimbursement.  She worked full-time as a medical coder at night while taking nursing classes during the day.

“My family, husband, supervisor and director were very supportive,” she said.  “With some hard work my dream finally came true.”

Insco enjoyed the variety of working at several different facilities as an agency nurse before working at her current job.  For over a year now, she has worked full-time as an operating room orthopedic RN at Swedish Medical Center - a level one trauma center in the Denver Metro area.

Graduating this December, Insco is also a student in the RN-BS online program through the College of Nursing.  The program is designed for working nurses to obtain their BS in as little as 16 months.

“The University of Colorado has been such a positive learning experience for me by helping me grow both professionally and personally.  They have given me the confidence, tools and applications I use every day in my job to help my patients have optimal outcomes.  My classmates are just as supportive.  I think people regard online classes as impersonal and that is not the case here.  We help and support each other.”

After receiving her BS, Insco plans on enrolling at the CU College of Nursing to get a master’s degree in Healthcare Informatics. 

“Health Informatics appeals to me because I am interested in nursing theory, information systems and how to apply these to every day practice to increase positive outcomes for patients.  I also want to help nurses adopt nurses adopt policies to improve safety, quality and patient satisfaction.  The College of Nursing offers me a chance to be an innovator in my field.”​