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Jesse Francomano: Gives Poster Presentation at Prestigious WIN Conference

Can social networking sites can be utilized to disseminate health care information?

Jesse Francomano
Jesse Francomano's poster presentation at WIN.

​With only one more year left before completing his BS in Nursing, Jesse Francomano isn’t your typical undergrad. In fact, he’s one of a select few who presented at the recent Western Institute of Nursing (WIN) conference in Portland in April 2012.  He, with guidance from Scott Harpin, PhD, MPH, RN, presented during a poster session on how social networking sites like Facebook can be utilized to disseminate health care information.

After completing an extensive lit review on the relationship between social networking and adolescent health care, Francomano found that more needs to be done in terms of utilizing social networking sites and setting practice standards.

“What I want to focus on is the ethics behind it because there are a lot of gray areas and no one’s really sure where to take this next step.  There are privacy issues, consent, what to do if something happens – these are fundamental to medical practice and nursing.  It’s still a new area,” he states.

Conferences are typically the domain of master students, PhD students and researchers.  To be accepted as an undergraduate is unique and just goes to show how focused and driven Francomano is. 

“It was actually very overwhelming,” he said. “I’m surrounded by people with their PhDs, so that was neat.  They were all very friendly and engaging. It was a good experience.”

“If other undergraduates are interested in something like this I would encourage them to look into it and ask around the research office,” he adds.